Shadowrun Nanites

shadowrun nanites
alternate Shadowrun jump:

So, there’s already a Shadowrun jump, but it kind of sucks.

location: roll 1d20 or pay 50 cp to choose anywhere in the world (only accurate to within 10 kilometers or so)
1-4 Seattle
5-6 Berlin
7 Hong Kong
8 San Francisco
9 New Orleans
10 Los Angeles
shadowrun nanites shadowrun nanites
11 Chicago
12 Tenochtitlan
13 London
14 Denver
15 Manhattan
16 Neo-Tokyo
17 Lagos
18 Asamando
19 Montreal
20 free choice
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(note that Chicago and Asamando are the kind of places where you might conceivably be considered food, depending upon when you arrive)

time: roll 1d4, or pay 50 cp to choose any year between 2012 and 2085
1 2050-2060
2 2065-2070
3 2075-2080
4 2080-2085
(you can freely choose any year within the specified range, but time of year it outside of your control)

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Wired – you use your technologically augmented body

Wiz – you use magic

Decker – you use information technology (probably hacking)

Rigger – you use drones and/or vehicles

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Face – you use applied psychology

Monster – you use your race’s innately powerful physiology (probably a vampire or something)

Other – you probably use business or engineering or something

origin: (they’re all free)

Drop-In – You have no history and no SIN.

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Professional – You have some kind of history with corps, governments, militaries, or other major institutions that makes you seem at least somewhat reliable to one or more such institution.

Punk – Maybe you’re a ganger, a shadowrunner with a pink mohawk, or something else. But whoever you are you have history – just not the sort of history that makes anyone above street level consider you reliable.

Drop-In perks:

idea: for perk ideas, start by going through a list of all qualities available at chargen in whatever edition of Shadowrun – doesn’t “School Of Hard Knocks” sound like an appropriate Punk perk, for instance?


shadowrun nanites best of shadowrun nanites
Astral Chameleon():


Professional perks:



shadowrun nanites best of shadowrun nanites
Friends In High Places():

Punk perks:


Friends In Low Places():

Smash The System():

shadowrun nanites shadowrun nanites
Wired perks:

Compatibility(100): Your body and soul are particularly good at integrating and adapting to cyberware and bioware. Any that are installed in to you later on are less prone to causing complications (like death, insanity, or loss of magic) than would normally be the case.

Healing(200): As your body heals, any ‘ware integrated in to it will naturally be repaired. Also, damage to you won’t cause any catastrophic failure of anything integrated in to you – if your cyberarm is hit by a lightning bolt it may stop working, but it couldn’t, for example, malfunction in such a way as to send maximum amplitude signals to your peripheral nervous system incapacitating you.

Unhackable(400): Any technology integrated in to your body becomes unhackable to anyone but you.

Acceptability(600): It’s often socially acceptable to have blatant cybernetic or bioware mods in the Shadowrun setting. And now, that’s true for you to an even greater degree – any ‘ware you have will be treated as both generally socially acceptable and legal for you. That will continues to be true for you in all settings you visit in the future.

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Wired items:

Ware(100): You’ve got cyberware (making you a cyborg), bioware (like cyberware except it’s made of engineered meat), or the like (there’s also genemods which count as bioware for most purposes, nanite stuff that may count as either depending on the nanites, etc) appropriate to the setting integrated in to your body. Since it’s purchased with CP, it won’t reduce your ‘essence’ (loss of which normally makes it harder to heal, use magic, and a few other things, and can kill you or cause permanent loss of magic in extreme cases). Also, if you have nanites they won’t act as vector to infect you with other personalities – you won’t be in danger of becoming a Monad. Fanwank the exact details for what cyberware and/or bioware is involved – it doesn’t strictly have to show up in a Shadowrun rulebook, but it should definitely be the sort of thing that would exist in the Shadowrun setting. Figure each purchase covers up to 100k nuyen worth of ‘ware. Multiple purchases are possible, but only the first purchase is free for the appropriate archetype.

Cyberzombie Squad(200): You’ve got an obedient squad of cyberzombies. Basically a small elite military unit with no personality.

Delta Clinic(400): ? equipment, personnel, business ?

Wiz perks:

shadowrun nanites shadowrun nanites
Enlightened(100): You are capable of ‘assensing’ – peering in to the astral, allowing you to perceive magic and living things in more profound ways. With training and/or experience you’ll be able to quickly tell biological and psychological details about people in circumstances where those details would normally be imperceptible.

Awakened(200): You are able to learn Shadowrun magic, including sorcery, conjuring, and enchanting, and immediately gain the ability to use a single Shadowrun spell of your choice.

Since you bought it with CP, Shadowrun magic will continue to work in other settings, even things dependent upon other metaplanes and whatnot that might not actually exist in those other settings. Fanwank as necessary.

Adept(400): You integrate magic in to your body, leaning supernatural physical (and occasionally social or mental) abilities. This grants you significant superpowers immediately (figure 3 power points worth), plus the ability to learn more over time. In various iterations and interpretations of the Shadowrun rules, some have made it such that the better your Adept powers are, the harder it is for you to learn other magics. You bought this with CP, so regardless of which variant of such things you’re going by you won’t suffer from such issues.

Training(600): You gain the equivalent of five years of training with moderate access to resources (like spell formulae and instructors) in Shadowrun magic – whether that focuses on assensing, sorcery, conjuring, adept powers, or whatever is up to you, though it must be in something that you are capable of learning. In each further jump you make after this you gain the equivalent of an additional year of training in any not-totally-secret in-setting methods of utilizing supernatural forces that you are capable of using (magic in most fantasy settings, also the Force in Star Wars, Aura in RWBY, psionics in many scifi settings, etc).

shadowrun nanites informational shadowrun nanites
idea: if moving Adept in to a separate Archetype then promote Awakened to 400 cp and add a 200 cp perk “Focused Concentration”

Wiz items:

Trappings(100): You get collection of various magical resources worth nearly 100k nuyen. This can include a magical lodge, one or more foci, reagents, or whatever other items you prefer provided that they are similarly appropriate to a mage of whatever tradition most interests you. Nothing too exotic – you can get a high force version of any common focus (provided its within your price range), but exotic or unique items (like the “Essence focus” that Martin de Vries has) are beyond the scope of this.

Mentor Spirit(200): It provides guidance. And sometimes more concrete benefits in a form appropriate to its theme. If you’re not inclined to appreciate the guidance it provides, you’ll lose it and its benefits, but 10 years later (or at the start of your next jump, whichever comes first) you’ll get a replacement mentor spirit that might fit you better.

note: For mentor spirit ideas, see

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Spirit Relations(400): You have some kind of beneficial standing with a powerful spirit… or maybe a vast collection of weak spirits, or absolute control over a single intermediate spirit closely tied to you ; in terms of SR mechanics this could be something like a spirit pact, or something like a companion spirit, or some kind of boost to all spirits of a particular type that you summon, or improved ability to banish or summon all spirits. Fanwank as necessary. Since you paid CP, this can apply in some form or another to non-Shadowrun spirits or summons too.

Decker perks:

Noise Filter(100): If text is in lime green color on forest green background in 3 point font, that won’t stop you from reading it quickly and accurately. No matter how obnoxious the skin or interface to a piece of technology, you are remarkably capable of adapting to it on the fly or learning what you need to learn. Primarily intended for Matrix nodes with obnoxious skins, but it works on a wide variety of things.

Skills And Talents(200): You intimately understand current Matrix protocols used in the Shadowrun setting and have profound talent for figuring out ways to abuse information networks and logic devices that interface with them.

Bloodhound(400): If you have either full physical access to a system or administrative authority over a system, then you can almost instantly figure out whether or not any particular bit of information is present in the system and if so how and where it is stored within the system. “Almost instantly” is relative to the timescales inherent in the system – if it’s a Shadowrun-style system of optoelectronics that might be measured in picoseconds, whereas if it’s an continent-spanning system of bureaucrats and horse-riding couriers that might be measured in weeks.

shadowrun nanites shadowrun nanites
idea: I was going to have Bloodhound be about being able to sniff out information across distributed networks, but somehow when I was writing it it came out as something different. Maybe change the name or rewrite it?

Technomancy(600): Contrary to the name, this isn’t the integration of magic and technology, instead it’s basically the local flavor of technokinesis with extra non-magical mysticism. You can send and receive radio signals with your mind alone, and can program your mind like a powerful computer, allowing you to understand and utilize complex protocols in realtime w/o technological support. Normally this would be utterly incompatible with in-setting magic, but since you paid with CP you can ignore that. Don’t let the corps or dragons know if you can do both technomancy and magic though, or they might try to vivisect you to figure out how that’s possible.

Decker items:

Commlink(100): I hope you’re jumping in to Shadowrun in the year 2065 or later. You get a top of the line commlink. It *can* be hacked, but you will instantly know if anyone other than you gains any authority over it, and likewise you will know when, and how its connection is being monitored. If it’s damaged, destroyed, or misplaced/stolen then it will somehow return to your warehouse in perfect condition within a few hours.

Deck(200): You get a cutting edge deck. It gets all the same benefits as the commlink above.

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Software(400): What software? Any software! Once per month, you may describe any item of software present in the setting and designate one or more logic devices in your physical possession. If the software exists in the setting you are in, and is capable of running on the designated devices, then it will be installed upon them in whatever manner you desire.


Import(50): Import a companion. They get an origin, archetype, and 400 CP to spend.

Chummers(50): Design up to five other custom people. They don’t get any CP, but you can give them in-setting races, skills, equipment, backstory, personalities, et cetera. They can’t have anything liable to cause any remotely significant change to the course of history in the Shadowrun setting though, so no Great Dragons, Batman-level skills, alien technology, backstories that have them as the big cheese of any significant country or corp, or anything else like that. You can take one or more of them with you to future jumps if they agree when the time comes.

Prime Runner(100): Design or import a single custom person. They get everything someone you could create with Chummers gets plus an origin, archetype, and 800 CP to spend.

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Companion Spirit(0)[requires Awakened & Spirit Relations]: If you already purchased a Companion Spirit elsewhere, you can import a companion in to it, granting the companion all the powers and capabilities of that spirit.

Corp Import(400): You can import as many companions as you want. They each get an origin, archetype, background, and 400 cp worth of perks & items – but you choose all of those including what the CP gets spent on. They must all somehow have ties to some common institution under your control somehow.
shadowrun nanites

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