Shine Upsmash

shine upsmash
Marth vs spacie punish

Shine Upsmash

Mango vs KJH EGLX


gets a late upair into read kjh spotdodge into grab

shine upsmash best of shine upsmash

upthrow, turns around late upair on techroll out
uptilt di away
instant uair di away lands on top plat
dj uair covers tipmt not roll
gets away

reads kjh grab punish on missed f smash gets pivot grab
shine upsmash check more shine upsmash

upthrow, kjh di away lands top plat
mango goes for dj uair again covers tipmt/in
kjk rolls away
mango lands on plat this time
neutral adv both shield on top plat
kjh sdrop bair mango sdrop

shine upsmash check more shine upsmash
neutral reset again

mango dd (no ff interesting)nair on kjh nair

gets kjh offstage
goes for f smash read on dj but kjh shine stalls
mango empty sh sets up timing to punish ledgehop reg getup options maybe but kjh doesn’t really do that much, possibly bait

shine upsmash check more shine upsmash
mango wavedashes back shield the ledgedash upsmash,
wdoos grab (i need to practice this)

upthrow kjh di hard in goes past top plat
mango gets crispy backdash fj uair, kjh di away
lands side plat
empty jumps ff jab to cover side b, not fast enough
shine upsmash best of shine upsmash
i think no ff fair side b would have worked

mango randy wd back fsmash after whiff ac nair


kjh goes for jab uptilt mango cc shield jab sgrab uptilt

shine upsmash shine upsmash
goes for f smash read on tway misses

skirmish stuff
mango dd and corners himself and beats running shine with pivot nair
pretty fucking sick bait imo i can use this I think
gets stage adv

empty hop dj fair to beat kjh sh approach? (don’t really understand this part)
shine upsmash best of shine upsmash
kjh on ledge
kjh ledgedash nair
mango tries to dd grab gets spotdodged
neutral frame adv
kjh scared fj and mango uptilts (wtf?)
I have no clue what else this would have covered seems crazy but worked


shine upsmash shine upsmash
60% uptilt kjh di behind/offstage
mango immediately sh after him ff dj fair to cover side b
kjh shortens mango covers with jab
kjh low up b mango on stage, covers ledge with fsmash doesn’t tipper
take edge would have been better imo, beats edge and lhop uair prob gonna combo into death, fsmash loses to ledgetech
kjh barely above the stage horizontal up b
mango tries to punish with f smash but no landiwwwwng lag cause horizontal
pretty sick by kjh tbh

shine upsmash shine upsmash

mango does a late uair on back of kjh shield and reads the roll gets a grab

upthrow 80% kjh di behind
dash fj uair land on plat, kjh di away offstage
same empty hop to cover side b, kjh shine stall
mango double jab kjh side b second jab misses,
kjh up b close to stage below horizontal
mango covers the diag up b with wdashback f smash
i dunno if this was the best option but it worked out seems like it wouldn’t have covered anything else and there might have been something better here
shine upsmash best of shine upsmash

mango walks to edge f smash intercept up b covers everything i think



nairs twinner

shine upsmash best of shine upsmash

uthrow, kjh no di tech away
uair kjh di in, mt
mango turns back to edge uptilt mt roll in on reaction, kjh di offstage
mango empty hop, kjh shinestall dj side b
mango instant upair uptilt
kjh taway sd


shine upsmash check more shine upsmash

mango shield pivots at the edge and sgrabs dtilt


u throw, kjh no di tin
mango uptilt on reaction, kjh di away gets away
shine upsmash

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