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Shoshanna Dresses – Shoshanna Gruss Fashion Designer Interview

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shoshanna dresses

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Shoshanna Gruss tells the story of starting her fashion line and how she first found success with Shoshanna dresses and later Swimwear, Jewelry, and more! She got tired of trying to find a clothing line that fit her and decided to make her own. While working as an intern for a lingerie company, Shoshanna put together her first sample line for her now famous Shoshanna Dresses collection. At the time she set off to embark on her new career as a fashion designer she was living with her parents and had just graduated from university.

At her first showroom showing the retail store Bloomingdale’s bought $30,000 worth of dresses. Due to the success of her Shoshanna dress collection, she added a women’s swimwear line in ’01 and a kids swimwear line in ’05.

Today, the Shoshanna Gruss collection is sold at over 250 stores and on the popular television shopping channel QVC. It is also worn by some of the biggest celebrities such as: Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, and many others!

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