Skotizo Inventory

skotizo inventory
Useful Helms for each boss BEFORE 1ST NERF 🙂

Kree’Arra: Slayer Helm

Zilyana: SERP HELM 😮

K’ril: Slayer Helm

Graardor: SERP HELM 😮

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Dks: Slayer Helm

Giant Mole: Dh helm (Full Dh)

Kalphite Queen: Slayer Helm

King Black Dragon: Slayer Helm

Callisto: Veracs Helm (Full Verac)

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Veneatis: Veracs Helm (Full Verac)

Vet’ion: Dwarven Helm

Chaos Elemental: Nezzy Helm

Chaos Fanatic: Nezzy Helm

Crazy Archaeologist: Nezzy Helm

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Scorpia: Nezzy Helm

Barrows: u do you boo

Corp: Nezzy Helm (Serp works but it only has +2 str and -3 mag def compared to nezzy. It does have around 50% more melee and range def than nezzy but at a boss that mainly damages you through magic this is irrelevant. Plus the scales can add up to a lot of profit loss in the long term for not much benefit.)

Zulrah: Range Void/Ancestral Hat (Serp Helm does save inventory on anti-venom but, the hit you take on dps mean you kill the boss slower which means you have more chances to get hit, which means you eat more food, which means you get less kills per trip, which means you get less kills per hour, which also means you make less money per hour.)

Jad: Slayer Helm

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Kraken: Slayer Helm

Thermy: Slayer Helm

Cerb: Slayer Helm

Sire: Slayer Helm

Skotizo: Slayer Helm

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Wintertodt: Hardcore Ironman Helmet

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Obor: Hardcore Ironman Helmet

Chambers of Xeric: Void

Ok so 2 of the 27 bosses (21 if you don’t count wintertodt, barrows, and slayer exclusive bosses) the serp helm is useful. Please tell me how that makes it op. That’s seems like a pretty niche item to me.

“What impact does it have on the bosses that do make it useful though? It makes them easy to solo right? It cuts all the minions hp in half without even attacking them. That’s pretty fucking powerful. That combined with it’s def and str bonus make it seem op to me.”
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But that’s soloing……. It only takes that much hp of each minion because on average you kill the boss slower than a team could which means the venom damages can actually accumulate closer to it’s max potential. If you are actually using melee than yea the str bonus is great, but you use range for Sara. And yea the def bonus on the helm is really good but it isn’t the best. Verac’s helm provides better def, is cheap to obtain and use, and has prayer bonus. The good thing is that you could still argue for the serp helm in bandos because

“What if you weren’t on a slayer task? A lot of those bosses you would use the serp helm on then.”
Well yea you could. You could also use a d long to kill kbd if you wanted to but that doesn’t make it a bis weapon you use to kill every boss.

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“The helm can venom again why does any of this matter?”
It can only venom NPCs that you attack with melee and because most bosses are immune to venom anyway…. this really changed nothing. If there was some way to know whether or not an enemy was venomed without having to see the hit splat than you could more reliably tag each minion in godwars before going to the boss.
skotizo inventory

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