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sky3ds+ cheats
Might as well go whole hog.
Here’s an extensive list of every time (that has stayed until now) where people have named 3DSChaos/ChaosGamez without getting their post removed.

[SPOILER=”.”][URL][/URL] [TuxSH’s comment with the screenshot]

[QUOTE=”Akawashi, post: 6815560, member: 345968″]Moon has been leaked! Sun Hasn’t. Get over it.
the proof is right here… Mew has a Unique Z-Move… and it looks badass… (and NO, it WASN’T in the Demo!)

That[COLOR=#ff0000] 3DSChaos[/COLOR] Site has two leaks, That [S][COLOR=#ff0000][U]that ISO site[/U][/COLOR][/S] Site Also has some leaks.
on Chaos, Thunder Kai has uploaded moon, Asia81 has uploaded moon (and it’s OST) on Chaos.. (Maybe Iso too, i havn’t checked yet.)
if you want to find it, don’t search “Pokemon Moon” on google… THOSE LINKS WILL GET TAKEN DOWN BY NINTY!
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Search “PKM MEWN” (to avoid being found by googlebot.)[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=”Vinceology, post: 6910752, member: 370594″]This may be a little bit noobish but I have not been kept up to date with all the details but I can’t gen Pokemon now because my emunand won’t read my Pokemon Sun.

So can anyone walk me through the process of updating please? I would do it but the guide on [COLOR=#ff0000]3dsChaos[/COLOR] online and my firmware is at 8.0 something and all the other guides need mine to be at 9.0+

So please? Thanks![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=”megafalke, post: 7041106, member: 412439″]I’m actually not sure if you can flash this data in a amiibo or only to a clear ntag215. If you need the keys, search for a amiibo bin collection on [COLOR=#ff0000]3dschaos[/COLOR], there is a really good Thread about that. But just saying, of course it it against “the rules”. But thats what makes it fun right:ha:
And you don’t have to donate to anyone obviously.[/QUOTE]
sky3ds+ cheats sky3ds+ cheats

[QUOTE=”Rune, post: 7108676, member: 414854″]From what I understand, your saves and stuff aren’t linked to your NNID. If you use PKSM to backup your saves, you can then insert them into any 3DS regardless of the NNID on it. As a matter of fact, with PKSM, I’ve been able to move my Zelda save from a retail cart, to a legit eShop version on o3DS, moved to my n3DS on Luma, then now transferred to my Sky3DS+ card with you can then basically pop into any 3DS.

As for changing the NNID, I once removed mines for my n3DS using this method.
Only thing is that I it [I]did[/I] remove it, but I haven’t tried logging into another device since then, so don’t know what happens from here. My only concern was taking my NNID off the device without formatting, and it achieved that. The reason I say this is that I’m not sure if logging into another device would tell me that my NNID is still linked to the first device (even though I removed it via decrypt9).

Hope this helps in some way.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=”Futurdreamz, post: 7128180, member: 350377″]Has anyone tried Amiibitz? [URL=’’]http://[COLOR=#ff0000]chaosgamez[/COLOR].com/threads/release-amiibitz-1-1-5-improved-amiiqo-n2-app.3423/[/URL][/QUOTE]
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[QUOTE=”Borsalino, post: 7165374, member: 385525″][B]So far this are the existing cheats for this game:[/B]
255 play coin
all weapons
all armors
all accessories
all orbs
all items

[B]Source:[/B] [URL][/URL]
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I’m specifically looking for the infinite free time. Is there a tutorial on how to make plugins? From my research here are the codes I found with regards to infinite free time:


Or is there a way to use Action replay codes in CFW?

[B]My 3DS:[/B]
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[QUOTE=”ac0712, post: 7166929, member: 417406″]This was a great thread, thought I’d jump in and ask has anything changed in the last couple years? I’m completely green on this stuff, so I’ll just detail the facts:

My 3DS was on a shelf for a couple years. Right now, here is what I have, nothing has changed since it was shelved:
3DS XL 4.1.0-8U
Gateway Omega 2.7
The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time 3D.3ds on the mSD (I’ve since used 3ds explorer to confirm the USA titleID)
0004000000033500.sav in the root of the SD (date modified March 2nd, 2015)

sky3ds+ cheats check more sky3ds+ cheats
When the rom is mounted and booted, all three slots are empty. If I pick a slot and save a game, and extract it using the savedatafiler guide below, the save files are in .bin format. One for each slot, as I’ve learned. 0-2 for regular, 3-5 for master quest.


Is it still possible to use this 2015 .sav file (512kb) to inject it back into the .3DS rom? Or did I misplace those .bin files? Would upgrading the Gateway version help at all?

Like I said, the console and cards sat on a shelf for almost two years, I’m not sure how/why the disconnect b/w the rom and the Gateway save happened.

I’d be willing to buy the physical game if it meant saving all the hours I’ve sunk into it! Thanks in advance![/QUOTE]

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[QUOTE=”fireframe, post: 7286528, member: 382257″]Had same issues with the OP, it seems copying the 0000000 file wont do anything since it’s most likely encrypted per device NAND (<<< CMIIW).

I successfully import all pedometer data by using this app here:

While for play data history, i used JKSV.

For the game icons, I still have no luck. Tried to use chtlutu, but it wipes all the icons instead of copying (idk why either).[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=”Elexon6273, post: 7296427, member: 417245″]Pokemon FireRed Hack: Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter
sky3ds+ cheats best of sky3ds+ cheats

I also tried using this: [URL=’’]https://[COLOR=#ff0000]chaosgamez[/COLOR].com/threads/tutorial-backup-import-gba-vc-saves.9566/[/URL] but it didn’t work…[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=”rocky_2016, post: 7389928, member: 404339″]the code i got from [COLOR=#ff0000]chaosgamez[/COLOR],working for everybody but not working for me anymore
may be it’s related to hexadecimal id things like the first post of this thread[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=”TehLamp, post: 7702338, member: 407562″]yeah it seems like it was the one that was posted on [COLOR=#ff0000]chaosgamez[/COLOR] that got hit. I’m still waiting for one to use if anyone has any ideas ;)[/QUOTE][/SPOILER]

In fact, there’s even a text file on GBAtemp’s servers with tons of warez links (including ChaosGamez and that blogspot site. Not to mention, there’s [I][B]336[/B][/I] cases of that ISO site.
sky3ds+ cheats

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