Skyrim Steam Overlay

skyrim steam overlay
Stuff i disabled
Paper map
ENB map world weather
Skyrim Souls unpaused game menus
Dear Diary AIO UI overhaul
Steam Overlay
Nvidia Geforce Shadowplay

In DXVK.conf I set
Framelatency to 1
DXVK sync to 1 (ON)
skyrim steam overlay informational skyrim steam overlay
GUI Disabled

In Nvidia control panel I set tesv.exe to…
Nvidia sync to Application Controlled
Frame limit ON to 58 FPS
Nvidia power to prefer maximum performance

In enblocal.ini I set
proxy d3d9dxvk stuff
Frame limit to OFF
skyrim steam overlay skyrim steam overlay

In Crashfixes,ini I set
skyrim steam overlay

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