Snowdin Town Genocide

snowdin town genocide


– You must kill the initial dummy and Froggit (if you don’t kill the first Froggit in one hit and Toriel chases it off, RESET and try again. Harsh, huh?)
– The best place to farm for kills in the Ruins is the room with the buttons. There’s no specific kill count for the ruins, just keep farming until “but nobody came”. You’ll know you’re getting close when encounters are more than a minute apart.
– To “genocide” kill Toriel, do it normally as you would in a pacifist run. When she stops attacking and says “I know you want to go home, but…”, fight here and kill her. Her dialogue should tell you that you’re on the right path.

– There’s 16 monsters to kill in Snowdin. You must also kill Doggo, Dogi, Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, and you must at least kill one Snowdrake. You can always ditch Jerry, but I found him better to kill since you don’t have to do more searches in the long run.
– The best place to farm is in the room where the Lesser Dog spawns (the one with the switch)
snowdin town genocide informational snowdin town genocide
– If you enter the town before “but nobody came”, your run is no longer Genocide. Harsh.
– Make sure you get 3 pieces from the Snowman – they’re crucial to Undyne’s fight.
– If your character refuses to do puzzles, then you’re on the right path.
– If saves do not display “_ LEFT” in red before saving, you’ve done something wrong and you’re now on a neutral path. DON’T SAVE.
– You MUST one shot Papyrus on your first turn, or your run will be in void and pushed to neutral.

– The best place to farm for enemies in Waterfall is the room where you can go to Temmie Village. Monsters spawn frequently in there. Make sure to get “but nobody came” before continuing to the darkening lantern room – the Undyne battle is two rooms before it usually is.
– Temmie will still buy your things, but he won’t want to go to cooleg anymore.
– The Undyne fight happens on the bridge that Monster Kid usually falls down.
snowdin town genocide check more snowdin town genocide
– The recommended inventory for Undyne is 3 snowman pieces and 5 cinnamon buns. You’ll need them.
– Undyne is very long and grueling and you’ll need to memorize her patterns for a win. Always keep fighting, unless you need to heal. Only heal if you get down to 20 health or less.

– The best place to farm is the bridge right before the Mettaton fight area (in the CORE) – they give the best EXP and gold in the land.
– Muffet and Mettaton NEO both require a one hit or you’re pushed off Genocide.
– Alphy’s Instant Noodles heal 90 HP – get them. They’re good for the Sans battle.
– Another good thing to have for Sans is the Face Steak. Fill the rest of your inventory with Legendary Heroes.
– Have the real knife and heart locket equipped before Sans.
– Alphys doesn’t exist in this run.
snowdin town genocide best of snowdin town genocide
– Fighting Mettaton before clearing Hotland will push you off the path.

– Memorizing his attacks is key. You can’t win with just good reflexes, you’ve gotta memorize it.
– His attacks only deal one damage, but a great deal of poison damage. If you get hit once, there’s no invincibility so if you hit a bone for a second, you might lost 20 HP from one hit.
– Sparing Sans when he gives you the option will result in him Dunking you, and causing you to restart. When he spares you is a good time to heal.
– The fight only progresses if you fight him. Fighting him will result in dialogue, while healing will not. This is a dialogue based fight, so the faster you get through the dialogue, the faster it goes.
– Make sure you’re prepared for the “Real Battle”. Sans will turn the lights off so you don’t know what’s coming next.
– Sans will do his special attack about ten rounds into the real battle.
– Make sure you HEAL before this.
snowdin town genocide best of snowdin town genocide
– Defeating Sans’s special attack will make him fall asleep from exhaustion. Move your box over to the fight button to win.
– If you don’t want to suffer the endings for True Pacifist, then reset here. The game won’t punish you for defeating Sans.
– If you are ok with the consequences, keep going to Asgore.

– Asgore will be defeated automatically, and then your character gives a final blow to Flowey.
– Chara will appear and ask for your soul. Saying no will result in a jumpscare and a game crash.
– You MUST say yes or you’ll keep getting jumpscared.
– Saying yes will then affect your game forever, and your game will reset like it would in a true reset. Nobody remembers anything. Except the ending, of course.

snowdin town genocide informational snowdin town genocide
You’ve now done Genocide! Good job, because I reset at Sans because it was literally impossible for me.
snowdin town genocide

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