Starbound Api

starbound api
— Stubs for global functions monster scripts can define, which will be called by C++

— Called (once) when the monster is added to the world.

— Note that the monster’s position may not yet be valid.
function init() end

— Update loop handler, called once every scriptDelta (defined in *.monstertype) ticks
function update(dt) end

— Called when shouldDie has returned true and the monster and is about to be removed from the world
starbound api starbound api
function die() end

— Called after the NPC has taken damage

— @tab args Map of info about the damage, structured as:
— {
— sourceId = ,
— damage = ,
— sourceDamage = ,
— sourceKind =
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— }
— Note that “sourceDamage” can be higher than “damage” if – for
— instance – some damage was blocked by a shield.
function damage(args) end

— Called each update to determine if the monster should die.

— If not defined in the monster’s lua, will default to returning true when
— the monster’s health has been depleted.

starbound api informational starbound api
— @treturn bool true if the monster can die, false to keep the monster alive
function shouldDie() end
starbound api

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