Stellaris Autochthon Monument

stellaris autochthon monument

Reassembled Ship Shelter: The remains of a Colony Ship, reassembled for planetside form and function.
Planetary Administration: Seat of the local ruling elite.
Planetary Capital: A sprawling complex of bureaucratic structures that acts as the administrative center for a major colony.
System Capital-Complex: A towering configuration of administrative bureaus and networked infrastructure, allowing the construction of highly demanding facilities.

Alloy-producing buildings:

Alloy Foundries: The Metallurgists working in these foundries produce high-quality alloys.
Alloy Mega-Forges: Production on a massive scale, these forges can manufacture alloys in great quantities.
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Alloy Nano-Plants: Advanced manufacturing centers where the alloy production process is aided by nanomachines.

Consumer Goods-producing buildings:

Civilian Industries: A wide collection of civilian industries and manufactories where a variety of consumer goods are produced.
Civilian Fabricators: Large industrial fabricators geared towards producing consumer goods.
Civilian Repli-Complexes: Nearly anything can be replicated at the kiosks in these complexes.

Research-producing buildings:

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Research Labs: Research Labs provide the basic facilities for general research.
Research Complexes: Upgraded research facilities with a very large staff capacity.
Advanced Research Complexes: These advanced research facilities have the very latest science equipment along with an extremely large staff capacity.

Unity-producing buildings:

Autochthon Monument: A monument to the first pioneers to venture into space.
Heritage Site: An area dedicated to the early history of our empire and its people.
Hypercomms Forum: An immense facility equipped with avant-garde interpersonal communications equipment, the Forum allows for the exchange of multisensory ideas in casual discussions and rapid consensus-forming in debates.

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Spiritualist Unity-producing buildings:

Temple: Simple constructs erected since time immemorial, temples are places of quiet contemplation and communion with that which unites us all.
Holotemple: An enhanced form of its rough-hewn predecessors, the latest in Spiritualist technology creates a mutable reality inside the Holotemple – all for deeper meditation and more intense devotion.
Sacred Nexus: The latest developments in field technology allow worshipers to directly experience the divine influence of sacred ground.

Amenities-producing buildings:

Holo-Theatres: The latest in holographic entertainment. Entire worlds built out of photons and energy fields.
Hyper-Entertainment Forums: These massive entertainment complexes are where dreams come true. Shopping malls, restaurants, amusement parks, virtual arcades, and more. You dream it – we are it!
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Population growth-increasing buildings:

Gene Clinics: Gene Clinics can offer advanced medical treatments, which statistically lead to a significantly healthier and longer-living population.
Cyto-Revitalization Centers: Cyto-Revitalization Centers can offer advanced medical treatments to a large population. Treatments on a cellular level lead to a significantly healthier and longer-living population.

Administrative Capacity-increasing buildings:

Administrative Offices: A labyrinthine government complex of bureaucratic offices, sub-offices and sub-sub-offices.
Administrative Park: An area full of buildings dedicated to the glory of effective and meticulous paperwork.
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Crime-preventing buildings:

Precinct Houses: Monuments to law and order. Enforcers are based here.
Hall of Judgment: A massive complex dedicated to courts and law enforcement.

Food-producing buildings:

Hydroponics Farms: Hydroponics Farms produce nutrient-rich vegetable matter tailored for consumption by local Pops.

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Luxury Residences: Intricately designed residential towers with luxurious apartments. Advanced zero-g technology is the only thing keeping the more outlandish terrace designs from collapsing.
Paradise Dome: A fully enclosed habitation dome with a self-contained ecosystem, a veritable private paradise for those rich or fortunate enough to live there.

Robot-producing buildings:

Robot Assembly Plants: High-tech factories where skilled Roboticists assemble the latest robot models.

Capital diplomatic buildings:
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Embassy Complex: This building forms the heart of the empire’s diplomatic efforts.
Grand Embassy Complex: The complex is intended to awe the viewer, rendering them compliant in negotiations.
stellaris autochthon monument

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