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stihl pressure washer

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Carl’s Mower and Saw has a HUGE update! We’re expanding our shop and pretty soon we’ll have not only more space for our showroom and parts room, but also more space to work on equipment in our shop and a long-awaited new break room for our hard-working team. Of course, we’ll need the Stihl BR 600 to pressure wash some debris before we move in.

With commercial grade pieces and ALL parts warranted through Stihl, the RB 600 features an intuitive and ergonomic design that is well worth the cost if you plan to heavily use a pressure washer. Check out this in-depth assessment of the RB 600 and its functionality to decide if the RB 600 is right for you!


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After many years in the industry, Carl Levien decided it was time to go out on his own. The day came, April 1, 1990, when Carl and Beth Levien officially opened Carl’s Mower & Saw. With a clear goal to provide a higher level of service to Whatcom County, they opened their doors and started building a loyal following of customers. They discovered customers were refreshed by the quality of service available to them. Over the past 30 years we have continued to refine our services and provide the top equipment in the industry.

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