Stoneskin Ff14

stoneskin ff14
Turn 9
Stardust [Red Arrow]: Place Red ones on Circle
Stardust [Yellow Arrow]: Place Yellow Ones On the Edge of the Map Between Circles
Thermionic Beam [Red Compass]: Stack in the middle
Meteor Stream [Blue Arrow]: Multiple Player targets – Move away from Party
Every Other Meteor Stream: Random Player will get Meteor Stream Twice Watch your Indicators
Lunar Dynamo: Large AOE Heals boss if you get hit – Safe Zone Close to her
Ravens beaks: Tank Mechanic – Move away from everyone

Phase 2 65% – Green Stardust Makers – Boss Jumps to Middle
Tanks Take: Red and Green – PLD take Green
stoneskin ff14 best of stoneskin ff14
Wait for 10% HP before Color Swap – 30 Seconds in
Earth Shock [Cast Blue Golem] – Silence Blue Golem

Phase 3:
Megaflare : Adloquiem Everyone and Stoneskin everyone
Supernova: Black Ball Thrown at Target – Will ‘Arm’ itself into a Trap [Never Stack Middle]
Garote Twist: Paralyze @ 10 Stacks- Stand in white Circle that spawns when The Ghost of Meracydia is Killed
Heavens Fall: Stack between the Middle and Edge of the wall
The Ghost of Meracydia: Off Tank Pull Near boss till 60-55% HP [Need to Save CDS to burst Kill after 50% HP]

stoneskin ff14 best of stoneskin ff14
Phase 4: Dive Bombs
Bahaumuts Favor: Damage Increase Stack
Bahamuts Claw 5 Hits + 1 Auto Attack: Can be Split between tanks by provoking
stoneskin ff14

Gautam Govinda

Fire Red Walk Through Walls Code