Strong Flashlight Phasmophobia

strong flashlight phasmophobia
Roll a dice and pick that number of challenges for Phasmophobia.
(List created by

1) Cancel all challenges
>> Basically cancels anything already picked.

2) No Flashlights
>> (neither crap flashlight or strong flashlight)

3) No Sprinting
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>> INSIDE the house only.
>> Drink if ya Sprint.

4) Take only starting items
>> If rolls a 6 each person can choose a single extra item.

>> This result cancels ALL other challenges (e.g. can bring whatever you want)

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>> This result cancels ALL other challenges (e.g. can bring whatever you want)

7) Ask 4 Ouija Board questions.
>> finder has to ask questions, as soon as found

8) Players can only walk backwards
>> INSIDE the house only.

9) BLACKOUT (no lights of any kind, except UV, only for checking for fingerprints).
>> Candles are allowed if it’s a whiteboard objective.
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10) No Names (drink if you name any equipment)
>> Must be inventive, cant use equipment names.

11) PVP Mode
>> Players tries to independantly guess the ghost.
>> Player can call everyone to the van if they think they have figured out the ghost.
>> If killed, you must wait for round end to guess.
>> If played gets the ghost right, everyone else has to drink.
>> If wrong, whoever guessed wrong drinks.
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12) No Pills

>> One player (who does not contribute items) becomes the “blinded” and must tie blindfold over eyes in REAL life.
>> Other players stay in the van and use radio chat to guide blind player around the house.
>> Blindfolded player should pay attention to sounds in the house, as others wont hear them.
>> If the blinded person dies, another person becomes “blind” and has to enter the house.

14) One-In, One-Out (Only one person allowed in the house at any one time).
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>> Players can only leave the house after finding an evidence, or taking a photo of the ghost/interaction

15) Hide and seek.
(On nightmare difficulty, works best on medium maps)
>> One player takes 5 equipment into the house and hides them.
>> This can be in cupboards, but not thrown behind objects where they can never be seen.
>> Players are sent in one by one and cannot come out without a piece of evidence.
>> Equipment should NOT include torches, so seekers can use them to look around.
>> Player must produce the FOUND equipment outside of the van, to avoid accusations of stealing.
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>> Players dying to the ghost drink 2 drinks.
>> Players chickening out take 5.

General rules:
Players who die drink.
On softer objectives (walk backwards, no sprinting), if you violate the rule it is one shot per violation.
Last player alive is allowed to chicken out and leave if they do 5 shots.
strong flashlight phasmophobia

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