Syep W2

syep w2
Proof of Identity:
Official Picture ID (school, city, state, government issued) IDNYC Municipal ID will be accepted

Proof of Employment Authorization
Report Card (dated within 2019) OR
Official School Transcript OR
NYS Driver/Non-Driver’s License OR
Voter’s Registration Card OR
U.S. Military Card /Draft Record

Proof of Age
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Birth Certificate OR
Benefit Card OR
NYS Driver/Non-Driver’s License OR
Alien Registration Card OR
Valid U.S. Passport

Proof of Social Security Number
Social Security Card (ONLY)

Working Papers (Must be age applicable) If you are under the age of 18 at the time of application, you must submit your most current working papers. Working papers can be acquired through your school. If you are not attending school, call 311 or contact your local District Office.
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14 and 15 years of age: Blue Card
16 and 17 years of age: Green Card

Proof of Citizenship/Alien Status
Valid U.S. Passport OR
U.S. Birth Certificate OR
Alien Registration Card OR
I-94, I-551, I-797 OR
Certificate of Naturalization OR
Employment Registration Card
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Proof of Address (Dated within 2019)
Home Utility Bill OR
Current Lease, Mortgage, Deed OR
Current Cable Bill (Must have Phone Service Listed) OR
Official Mail from a Federal, State or City Agency

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Proof of Income:
If supported by Public Assistance: 
A Current EBT Card (with parent/guardian name) AND a store receipt OR
A current benefit/budget/SNAP letter OR
An official letter from Social Services (must include applicant’s name, benefit # and date)

-OR- If NOT Supported by Public Assistance:
Two consecutive paystubs (must include payee name and gross income) OR
2018 W-2 form AND one paystub OR
Current pension award letter OR
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Unemployment Benefit Document OR
If self-employed, 2018 Tax Return including Schedule C or E (or EZ) *if rental income)

LFL /SYEP Application:
A signed LFL and SYEP application is required for all youth. You are required to have the signature of a parent or guardian. Right now, you have only applied for LFL, so hand in the LFL application. Once the SYEP application goes live, you will apply online and hand-in your printed and signed application to me in room 139.

A Resume

Please provide ONLY if applicable:
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Selective Service Registration Card OR Selective Service “Online Receipt” Required for males 18 years of age or older

Proof of Disability: Official documentation as applicable certifying disability from a physician, ACS, HRA, School, Social Service agency or authorized entity.
syep w2

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