Tengu Boss Maplestory

tengu boss maplestory


-Take off anything on spacebar, it will impede on the fight
-Any time it tells you to hit the “S” key, it simply means the spacebar so use spacebar. I assume the team intended on you to use the “S” key?

Alright, so the Tengu boss is a very unique addition to the available bosses in Maplestory. It’s not like other bosses in that you DPS it to death, rather you preform QTE (Quick Time Event) actions to take it down.

My way of taking him down:
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When you first spawn he’ll probably just start doing his Tornado attack or start swooping down on various random areas of the map (marked by a circle similar to Vellum’s tails). If he’s doing his tornado attack from the left side, just hang on to the rope on the bottom left side and it will negate being sucked into the tornado (if you do get sucked in, don’t worry, it’s like only 300 damage per second). For his swooping down, just don’t be in the danger circles for too long.

After Tengu finishes his multiple slashes on random parts of the map he will usually always go for his downward swoop from the middle of the stage (it’s a 1hko so stay far away either left or right before he swoops down)! After he swoops down, this is your cue to get into the middle of the map and wait for the purple Magnus-like aura to surround him and yourself. VERY IMPORTANT – do NOT press any directional keys while doing the next part, it will mess it up and cause a “fail”. While in the purple aura, stand still and press spacebar once. If successful you will now enter the attacking phase of the fight.

During the attacking phase you are presented with various buttons to press that appear in the middle of the screen. Simply press the buttons correctly remembering that “s” means spacebar and you’ll do damage to him if all of the were successful. I believe after one successful QTE attacking session it deals about 10% damage to him, so this will take a while.

From time to time, especially during the last 20% of his HP, he will have a purple aura around him but it will be much smaller in size, this will be him performing his talon grab attack. It is very difficult to get out of his grab when he grabs you since it’s a very fast attack and you’ll most likely be pressing a directional key while he grabs you so I usually just stand away from this attack and wait until he does his usual Tornado -> multiple downward slashes -> middle down soar skill -> purple aura.

I hope this was easy to follow, if you need more questions, just ask me!
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tengu boss maplestory

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