Tf2 Disable Motd

tf2 disable motd
// launch options: -novid -nojoy -nosteamcontroller -noff -softparticlesdefaultoff -reuse -noborder -windowed -r_emulate_gl -nohltv -threads 4
// dxlevel: 98
// upload=1.57Mbps too lazy to change it
// maxperformance preset, no tutorial addon, mouse tweaks addon
// LOD tweak + nosoundscapes + hamburger’s model removal + yttrium’s competitive viewmodels
// Specs:
// Thanks stabby, b4nny and many others for scripts and aliases

tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
// TF2 Anti-Virus by Casual v1.1
// It contains very important information to make full use of its features!
// I am not responsible for any damages usage of these instructions might cause!

// General tips
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
// By creating an alias with the same name as an existing ConVar or ConCommand you can prevent anyone from changing / executing that command.
// This config makes extensive use of it to prevent the server from modifying certain ConVars.
// Examples:
// alias unbindall “echo blocked!” – will prevent you from executing this command (by accident)

// AdBlock:
tf2 disable motd tf2 disable motd
// Pinion is a popular advertising network which abuses Flash to play really annoying advertising in motds.
// Follow these steps carefully to disable them from working.
// NOTE! (20 Feb 2013) The guys from pinion have said that they will work on preventing this bypass from working so (part of) it may not work to your satisfaction!
// First we must prevent pinion from connecting to its host to load the ads,
// Add ‘’ to your hosts file, use google if you have any issues.
// There used to be a trick (creating an empty text file in your tf directory named textwindow_temp.html) to prevent the game from showing a html motd.
// While I’ve been advocating its use I think it stopped working when Valve switched to webkit for rendering the html. So ignore this advice 🙂
tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
// Pinion also has an annoying feature that forces you to watch their ads for up to 20 seconds (it’ll reopen the motd if you click continue too soon).
// Since we’re already blocking their ads from loading there’s no point for us to look at an empty screen.
// The way pinion works is by asking your client to execute a command ‘closed_htmlpage’ to notify the server when you click continue.
// No such command exists on your client and thus it’ll forward it to the server, however by aliasing it we effectively hijack this command so the server will never know we got passed it!
// BUG: However doing so causes the motd (I don’t know if pinion is doing this on purpose) to open by itself at random times during gameplay. To prevent this we have to issue a ‘closed_htmlpage’ command some time afterwards.
// Because we have already aliased it the only way for us to send this command to the server directly is with the ‘cmd’ command, bind it to a key or type it some time during gameplay.

cl_disablehtmlmotd 0
alias closed_htmlpage “echo Blocked pinion!”
tf2 disable motd check more tf2 disable motd
alias fuckpinion “cmd closed_htmlpage”

// Aux features

// Gets rid of servers playing annoying sound files
// NOTE! This will also prevent the main menu from playing a song!
alias play “echo Blocked play!”
alias sndplaydelay “echo Blocked sndplaydelay!”
tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
alias playgamesound “echo Blocked playgamesound!”
alias soundfade “echo Blocked soundfade!”

// Servers don’t need this
alias cl_spec_mode
alias rpt_connect
alias r_screenoverlay

tf2 disable motd check more tf2 disable motd

bind tab “+scoreboard”
alias +scoreboard “+showscores;cl_showpos 1;net_graph 4;developer 1;mat_filterlightmaps 1;mat_filtertextures 1;mem_compact;r_cleardecals;”
alias -scoreboard “-showscores;cl_showpos 0;net_graph 0;developer 0;mat_filterlightmaps 0;mat_filtertextures 0;mem_compact”

//bind tab “mat_filterlightmaps 1;mat_filtertextures 1”

sensitivity // note that at a resolution of 1920×1080 or higher, a sensitivity higher than 2.712 will result in pixel skipping–consider increasing your DPI to keep it below this value.
tf2 disable motd check more tf2 disable motd
volume .018
snd_musicvolume 0
fov_desired 90
viewmodel_fov 90
viewmodel_fov_demo 80

snd_surround_speakers 7 // 0 for built-in Miles3D headphone sound, 2/4/5/7 for speakers setup (select appropriate # of speakers), 7 for using Razer Surround Sound for headphones (installer is included in this pack)
dsp_enhance_stereo 0 // “0” for software headphones surround, “1” for snd_surround_speakers 0 (normal headphone setting)
snd_spatialize_roundrobin 0 // keep at 0 for better surround sound placement/accuracy
tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
snd_mixahead .06 // Sound delay/buffer. Increase if you the beginning of sounds are cut out .05 has been known to be unstable
dsp_water 0 // removes “underwatery” sound
snd_pitchquality 1 // no reason to use 0, makes sound horrible at nill FPS increase
dsp_slowcpu 1 // helps frame, reduces noise

// HIT SOUND–my settings (tweak as you like)
play “hitsound.wav” //name of the file you want to use. This pre-caches the sound.
tf_dingalingaling “1”
tf_dingaling_wav_override “hitsound.wav”
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg “150” //higher pitch for high damage
tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg “50” //lower pitch for less damage
tf_dingalingaling_last_effect “hitsound.wav”

// CHARACTER VIEWMODEL in the corner–enable this to see your disguise and disguise weapon, very useful for spy:
cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel 1

tf_colorblindassist 1 // shows jar icons over jarated targets

tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
bind shift “+zoomin”
alias “+zoomin” “fov_desired 75;r_drawviewmodel 0”
alias “-zoomin” “fov_desired 90;r_drawviewmodel 1”

// COMBAT TEXT BATCHING (damage text)
hud_combattext_batching 1
hud_combattext_batching_window 2.0 // seconds

hud_saytext_time 2 //Default is 12 and measured in seconds, this is the amount of time chat stays on your screen
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
voice_enable 0 //Default is 1, This is the voice chat in the game 1 = on, 0 = off

// Normal Jump Script
alias “+jumpeh” “+jump;dotxhaircolor;spec_mode;+moveup”
alias “-jumpeh” “-duck;dotxhaircolor;-moveup”
bind “space” “+jumpeh”

// set crouch to move you downward in water
bind “ctrl” “+dk;dotxhaircolor”
alias +dk “+duck;+movedown;dotxhaircolor”
tf2 disable motd tf2 disable motd
alias -dk “-duck;-movedown;dotxhaircolor”

tf_custom_ping_enabled 1
tf_custom_ping 75 // sets your ping limit to 75 instead of 100 default…tweak till you’re able to find a game fast enough for you not to mind a little longer wait for lower ping 🙂
tf_quickplay_pref_advanced_view 1

//Net_graph settings
net_graphshowinterp 1
net_graphshowlatency 1
tf2 disable motd tf2 disable motd
net_graphtext “1”
net_graphproportionalfont 1
net_graph 1
net_graphpos 250
net_graphsolid 0
net_graphmsecs 200
net_scale 15
net_graphheight 64
net_graphsolid 0

tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
m_yaw 0.022000
m_pitch 0.022000
m_customaccel_exponent 0
m_customaccel_max 0
m_customaccel_scale 0
m_filter 0
m_forward 1
m_mouseaccel1 0
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
m_mouseaccel2 0
m_customaccel 0
m_rawinput 1
m_mousespeed 0

//Demo recorder
ds_kill_delay 15.000000
ds_enable 2
ds_notify 1
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
ds_sound on
ds_min_streak 4
ds_autodelete 0
ds_screens 1

mod_load_anims_async 0 // Disable async animation loading, yttrium’s competitive viewmodels workaround
mod_load_mesh_async 0 // Disable async mesh loading ^
mod_load_vcollide_async 0 // Disable async vcollide loading ^

//adv. options
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
hud_fastswitch 1
cl_autoreload “1”
tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 1
cl_hud_minmode 0
hud_combattext “1”
ud_combattext_doesnt_block_overhead_text “0”
tf_sniper_fullcharge_bell “1”
tf_simple_disguise_menu “0”
cl_autorezoom “0”
tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom “0”
tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
tf_medigun_autoheal “1”
hud_medichealtargetmarker “1”
f_colorblindassist “1”
cl_use_tournament_specgui “1”
cl_spec_carrieditems “1”
glow_outline_effect_enable “0”
cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel “1”
tf_use_min_viewmodels “0”
cl_notifications_show_ingame “0”

tf2 disable motd check more tf2 disable motd
//quick demo mark
bind [KEY] “ds_mark marking; prec_mark marking”

//Net_graph settings
net_graphshowinterp 1
net_graphshowlatency 1
net_graphtext “1”
net_graphproportionalfont 1
net_graph 0
net_graphpos 250
tf2 disable motd tf2 disable motd
net_graphsolid 0
net_graphmsecs 50
net_scale 15

hud_escort_interp 0.1
sv_allow_point_servercommand always

// ———————–
// ‘– Closed Captions –‘
// ———————–
tf2 disable motd tf2 disable motd
// Customization of notifications of sounds and voices in closed captions

cc_linger_time 1 // Seconds for captions to stay on screen
cc_minvisibleitems 1 // Minimum captions to shown
cc_predisplay_time 0 // Delay between the sound and showing the caption
cc_sentencecaptionnorepeat 4 // How many times a caption can repeat
snd_vox_captiontrace 1 // show sentence IDs when there is no caption
closecaption 1
cc_subtitles 0
cc_lang “clovervidiar”
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
cc_predisplay_time 0

alias walkway “map tr_walkway_rc2” //fast tr_walkway_rc2
alias “badlands” “rcon changelevel cp_badlands”
alias “process” “rcon changelevel cp_process_final”
alias “snakewater” “rcon changelevel cp_snakewater_final1”
alias “gullywash” “rcon changelevel cp_gullywash_final1”
alias “granary” “rcon changelevel cp_granary_pro_b10”
alias “product” “rcon changelevel koth_product_rc8”
tf2 disable motd best of tf2 disable motd
alias “metalworks” “rcon changelevel cp_metalworks_rc7”
alias “sunshine” “rcon changelevel cp_sunshine_rc9”
alias “mge” “rcon changelevel mge_training_v8_beta4b”

cl_hud_killstreak_display_alpha 100 // Adjust the translucency of the killstreak banner (0 to 255)
cl_hud_killstreak_display_fontsize 1 // Killstreak font size (0 to 2)
cl_hud_killstreak_display_time 2.25 // Killstreak display time in seconds

glow_outline_effect_enable 1 // Enable ally and objective xrays
tf_enable_glows_after_respawn 1 // Enable spawn xrays
tf2 disable motd informational tf2 disable motd
tf_spec_xray_disable 0 // Enable xrays while spectating
tf_spectate_pyrovision 0 // Do not force use pyrovision in spectator mode

map_background preload_room; wait 10; disconnect //yttrium’s competitive viewmodels preloading
tf2 disable motd

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