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Dungeon Utopia
Expired Magic
Lurker B (writer)
Summer vacaction (within the mountains)
Betty Lou
A.O neuron (writer)
Turbulence (julie o)
virtually a fairy story by Syliva Weschel
tg tales com tg tales com
Unholy Matrimony (nifty)
John’s Gift by Prudence Walker (saphire place)

Enslaved amongst the celebs (Carlee) -tgstorytime

High college women
the witness
tg tales com tg tales com
coaching of
princess by default
allen and lauren
the perils of powers
escape of the prince
drink me
animated gif (–deleted)
tg tales com tg tales com
Y me
brute drive
scarlet backyard
The inheritor (morpheus)
An Unfortunate Misunderstanding Part 1 by Kinky Colonel

tg tales com tg tales com

Harry Needs One More Test (fictionmania)
modified by clare taldon (fictionmania) – pls learn
wererock – pls learn
love slave of ishtar by Johanna bender
Heaving Waiting By Carolyn Collins
The Siege By Geneva
The Class Project By Janice Dreamer — demon (did not learn but)
tg tales com better of tg tales com
The Slut’s Panties
Gypsy Cursed by Danielle 88
Life Lessons In The Key of “Oh Shit!” by Blue Devil
The Passions of True Womanhood By Stacey Martin (**)
Forced to Be Female, Part 1 By Jen Moore
Dennis’ Addiction By Deane Christopher
A Baby For Sam by Her Revenge — (not learn)
Mystery in Mexico By Rachel Free
The Greatest Miracle of Life By Stephanie Thomas (did not learn, multi-part)
Darren’s Dilemma Chapter 16 By Suzie Q. Haff — (did not learn)
tg tales com informational tg tales com
Rings of Transformation by J.R. Parz
Life’s a Lottery by triumph7775
The Path of Eve by Carleton Vincent (and different tales)
We Three by thomas the tame (and different tales)*
3 Days Henceforth by Rachelle Walker
Waking Up by ChristyD (unfinished SWI collection)
Forced to be Female, half 1 by Jen Moore (and different tales)
Chromosome Change: One Man’s Story by Leslie James (Suddenly a lady rewrite*)
Gilbert the Impregnator by Klyphlord
Eighteen by Julie O. (not sexual)
tg tales com verify extra tg tales com
Betty Lou by Carolyn Collins (writer of Mind Swapping)
Legacy by The Professor (and different tales *)
Rabbit’s Foot Keychain by CCE
writer Maggine Finson
Does the End Justify the Means? by Julie O (pizza man story*)
Avarice by Erin Shoemaker Jr.
All Things Being Equal, I’d Rather Have a Pepsi by Bimbo Alison
A Force of Habit by Jessica Drew
It All Changed After A memorable Event by Julie Voss (autobio)
Portal by Orlando
tg tales com verify extra tg tales com
Absorbed by Norman O. Johnson (goes togther with Portal by Orlando)
Bad Timing By Jennifer Miller (time journey)
Meteor Strike by Brenda B
Lasting Impressions by ASTRO (serial)
Second Puberty by Ed Miller (and different tales)
The Body Swap Clinic: My Life is Quite A Story by Allison Pettman
Feminizer illness take my physique over by Terry Hansay (serial)
The Costume Ball (Complete and Revised) by wtbanon1 (and othe tales)
Faith by Teddie S
Judy The Booty by Bobbie Bazooms
tg tales com verify extra tg tales com
Snatched! by vessica
Weekend Fantasy by Morpheus (rated x)
Changing Channels – Chaperone by Zouscha (writer of If you Build it…..)
Mistaken Identity By Jennifer Redmon
The Test by Eric
Harry Needs One More Test by Personal Challenge(*)
Vicki by merriman
The Female Line By Geneva
A Boy’s Christmas Letter by Princess
The Vampiress (seek for a number of tales?)
tg tales com better of tg tales com
The Path of Eve by Carleton Vincent (*)
That Which We Call A Rose — Complete by Kyrie Hobson(*)
Becoming by Jack Andrews (*/)
A Learning Experience by Phoebos (writer of Grass of Venus**)
High School Girls by Jaana(***)
Project Phoenix by Meg (serial)
Magic Knife by Girl-psp
The Changeling by Sandy Man (serial)
Theft by Secondary (physique swap)
Lilim Tales by Armond
tg tales com verify extra tg tales com
State of the Union by Dale Ribbons
Better Living Through Science by Justin Black
Extra Change by Optimizer (writer of sequel (for A change of Direction) A Change of Perspective)
Make Me Over by Kelly
A Witch Jumped Into my Body by Terr Hansay (G rated)
One Night Only by Keith Griffith (collection)
Team spirit (authentic story and collection continuation)
sure to occur someday (Jim Ruggeri* -author of zelda story)
Coronation by IancuAndIuliana
The Succubus For Better or For Worse by Reif (succubus bride trilogy)
tg tales com verify extra tg tales com
Mistaken Identity: The Acquisition – A Woman’s Prerogative by Deane Christopher (heaps tales)
You’ll Understand Soon Enough by Wordmaster
modified (303 kb)
The TG PA by Rachel Porter
metamorphosis by Julia Manchester
simply pretending
tg tales com

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