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Pokemon Uranium – The Professor Oak Challenge (Guide)

PART 0 – Introductions
What is the Professor Oak Challenge?
The challenge was created by /u/Chamale on Reddit (the subreddit for this challenge is /r/ProfessorOak) in late 2018. The challenge became popularized by Youtuber Johnstone via his February 2019 video performing the challenge in Red/Blue. The premise of the challenge is that, prior to each gym, the player must fill out as many Pokedex entries as possible. This includes evolving every Pokemon as far as possible at the time. If you get a Dratini, you evolve it to Dragonite before taking on the gym. If you have a stone, you use it. So on and so forth. There is an active Discord server available through the subreddit. That’s about all you’ll need to know!

What is Pokemon Uranium?
Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made Pokemon game released in mid-2016. It takes place in the new Tandor Region and contains over 150 fakemons for you to capture and learn about! The game has deep lore and is still a work in progress. The premise is that the region runs primarily on nuclear power, but something’s been going wrong with the nuclear plants; wild Pokemon are becoming infected and becoming feral! Not even the Pokemon Rangers can tame them! How will you, the player, and your childhood friend Theo solve this dilemma? Find out as you take on the Tandor Pokemon League! With 194 total Pokemon currently available, including a few Mega Evolutions for existing Pokemon, this game will give you an experience unlike any other! Visit https://pokemon-uranium.fandom.com to download the game, and check out the Discord server!

With these explanations out of the way, let’s get into the guide!
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Part 1 – The Beginning
After reading the introductory story, you awaken in your house. Head out and talk to the NPC to the east to get a Rare Candy. Go north to reach the Professor and meet your rival Theo. Rather than choosing your starter directly, you take a quiz with color-coded answers. The water starter evolves earliest, so pick the blue answers. You’ll quickly destroy Theo’s starter, and when he loses follow him to the southwest-most house in the town. After this conversation go west to get a few Pokeballs from the professor.
Route 1 has three encounters: Chyinmunk, Birbie, and Cubbug. I will detail required levels at the end of these written explanations, so scroll down if you’re not that interested. Route 1 is otherwise uneventful, so head through to Kevlar town, where you can pick some berries, then north again to Route 2. Here you’ll find Owten and Mankey. You may also find a Barewl, but don’t worry if you don’t find one yet. The cave to the north has Barewl far more commonly, as well as Tonemy, Grozard, and Dunsparce. At this point you’ll have all your base form Pokemon, but we’re not quite done. Go back to Route 1 and catch five more Chyinmunk that have Pickup. You don’t need to level these Pokemon up at all; Rare Candies only appear below level 11. Additionally, Pickup activates 100% of the time, but the Rare Candy chance is dramatically reduced.

Eletux -> Eletruxo (Level 27)
Chyinmunk -> Kinetmunk (level 14)
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Birbie -> Aveden (level 17) -> Splendifowl (level 31)
Cubbug -> Cubblfly (level 10) -> Nimflora (level 24)
Barewl -> Dearewl (level 15) -> Gararewl (level 32)
Grozard -> Terlard (level 22)
Tonemy -> Tofurang (level 20)
Dunsparce -> Dunseraph (level 42, learn Sky Fall)
Owten -> Eshouten (level 20)
Mankey -> Primeape (level 28)
Total: 23 Entries

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Important Items:
Rare Candy Moki Town: NPC in middle/west section

Keep five pickup Chyinmunk in your party behind your active grind. Take their items after each battle.
Rare Candy priority = Dunsparce (lv 32-42), Barewl and Dunsparce (lv 27-31) above 18 candies split as fit
Part 2 – Toward greater Tandor
After getting that damned Dunseraph and beating Maria, backtrack to Moki Town. On your way, get the Old Rod from the guy in the house on Route 1 and catch two Fortog and one Magikarp. Go back to Nowtoch City to trade one of your Fortog for a Baashaun. Finally, go to Moki Town for real and break the rocks to get to Route 3. While you’re here, talk to the Professor; since you have more than 10 Pokedex entries filled out, he’ll give you a second free Rare Candy.
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On Route 3, you can find Feleng, Lotad, Smore, and Buizel in the grass. The next Gym is in Burole Town, but you can access most of Route 4 before beating the gym leader. There, you’ll find Ekans, Sponaree, Tancoon, Pahar, and Jerbolta in the grass. Using your Old Rod, you can also fish up a Brailip. Just before finishing the grinding, you’ll reach 50 Pokedex entries. At this milestone, Professor Bamb’o will give you an egg for Minicorn, which cannot be obtained in the wild. I originally thought you couldn’t evolve this before the next section, but it turns out that starting at level 71, Pickup has a chance to obtain Dusk Stones. I’m making the executive decision to make this an optional evolution, but I wanted to make this addendum for the masochistic. Additionally, save before getting the egg so you can make sure it hatches as female; you’ll need to breed it later.

Fortog -> Folerog (level 18) -> Blubelrog (level 36)
Magikarp -> Gyarados (level 20)
Feleng -> Felunge (level 19) -> Feliger (level 40, learn Rest)
Lotad -> Lombre (level 14) -> Ludicolo (Water Stone)
Smore -> Firoke (level 16, learn Incinerate)
Brailip -> Brainoar (level 34)
Ekans -> Arbok (level 22)
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Tancoon -> Tanscure (level 18)
Sponee -> Sponaree (level 20, learn Bubble Beam)
Pahar -> Palij (level 19) -> Pajay (level 36)
Baashaun -> Baaschaf (level 22) -> Baariette (level 44)
Buizel -> Floatzel (level 26)
Minicorn (-> Oblivicorn (Dusk Stone))
Total: 54 (55) Entries

Important Items:
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Old Rod: Route 1, house near river
Rare Candy (x2): Moki Town, from Professor Bamb’o after registering 10 Dex entries; Route 1, on Rock Smash path
Water Stone: Route 3
Bike Wheel: Route 4, northern beach; take to Kevlar Town to get the Bike
Part 3 – Big City Lights
Upon defeating Grant, you’re allowed to enter Comet Cave, which halted progress before. The only new Pokemon in here is Comite. After defeating the Terlard, you exit into Route 5. Here, you can capture Mareep, Costraw, and Tricwe. The professor in Rochfale Town, Cypress, will have a mission for you; this is necessary for a much later capture. BE COMPLETELY SURE TO DEFEAT GARLIKID’S TEAM. If you lose to him, you cannot capture him later. After helping the researchers, head through Route 6 to catch yourself a Lunapup during the day and a Minyan at night. Rochfale Tunnel has Gligar, Modrille, and Sableye for you to get. The Razor Fang is unobtainable for now, so we’ll move on to Route 7. Here, you can capture Cocoran, Cassnail, and Corsola. At the end of this route you’ll find Bealbeach City, where the third gym lies.
In the city, enter one of the residential buildings to receive an egg. This will hatch into a Nupin. Then visit the casino to grab yourself a Barand and Tracton for 5500 coins and 9999 coins respectively. Fishing with the Old Rod on the beach can get you a Tubjaw. Finally, visiting the Rooftop Atrium on Tuesdays will let you buy a Jungle Crown to evolve Primeape into Empirilla. You can also buy Moon Stones, Dusk Stones, and Shiny Stones on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays respectively. You can buy the remaining stones on 3F at any time. This will let you evolve Minicorn into Kiricorn.
Before taking on the gym, enter the Ranger HQ to trigger the Nuclear Plant Epsilon sidequest. You need to come here for evolution purposes. There are a few Hafli berries which will reduce damage from Nuclear Moves, but the important thing is that you capture at least one Nuclear Pokemon while you’re here. You need this to evolve Eevee into Nucleon later. This is one of two locations before the very very late game where you can find wild Nuclear encounters, so get it out of the way here. All the wild Pokemon are variants of those for which you already have Pokedex entries, and Nuclear variants don’t have their own Pokedex entries, so catch anything.
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Before fighting Cali, make sure you have a Sun Stone, a Dusk Stone, and a Water Stone. These are required in the next section, which is behind a temporary point of no return.
Primeape -> Empirilla (Level up while holding Jungle Crown)
Lombre -> Ludicolo (Water Stone)
Comite -> Cometeor (level 25)
Mareep -> Flaaffy (level 15) -> Ampharos (level 30)
Tricwe -> Harylect (level 22, learn Wild Charge)
Costraw -> Trawpint (level 28)
Lunapup -> Herolune (Moon Stone)
Minyan -> Vilucard (Dusk Stone)
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Modrille -> Drilgann (level 34)
Cocaran -> Cararalm (level 24) -> Cocancer (use Coconut Milk)
Corsola -> Corsoreef (friendship)
Tubjaw -> Tubareel (level 34)
Cassnail -> Sableau (level 25) -> Escartress (level 45)
Nupin -> Gellin (level 35)
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Minicorn -> Kiricorn/Oblivicorn (Shiny/Dusk Stone)
Total: 87 Entries

Important Items:
Dusk Stone: Comet Cave room 2, down right then up
Soothe Bell: Route 5
Rochfale Town photographer: All Stones
Moon Stone: Show a Dunsparce
Water Stone: Show a Magikarp
Fire Stone: Show a Palij (trade Tofurang to get one)
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Thunder Stone: Show Flaaffy
Leaf Stone: Show Tonemy
Shiny Stone: Show Barewl
Sun Stone: Show Mankey
Dusk Stone: Show Baaschaf
Nugget: Show Brailip
Sun Stone: Route 7, rock on small island between bridges
Rare Candy: Route 6, on a stump
Exp. Share: From Professor Bamb’o after defeating Garlikid’s team
Fire Stone: Route 7 behind palm tree
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Part 4 – Nuclear Meltdown
On trying to leave Bealbeach after defeating Cali, you’ll be stopped by some Pokemon Rangers. The new Nuclear Plant Epsilon has exploded and the radiation is affecting Pokemon on Route 7. With your help, the Rangers calm some of them down and get civilians onto a boat for safety. You’re all headed to Vinoville Town with no way out until you defeat the fourth gym. After another rematch with Theo on the ship, you’ll disembark on Route 8, the only new area for this segment. Here you can catch Cottonee and Misdreavus in the grass or wheat. You can get the Good Rod here too, and with that you can fish for Glaslug. Finally, talking to Ripley will initiate the S51 sidequest, awarding you with a S51 of your own. That’s it for captures here, so grind that alien up and beat Sheldon.

Cottonee -> Whimsicott (Sun Stone)
Misdreavus -> Mismagius (Dusk Stone)
Glaslug -> Glavinug (Water Stone)
S51 -> S51-A (level 40)
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Total: 95 Entries

Important Items:
Good Rod: Route 8, fisherman on dock
Part 5 – Eco-Terrorism?
After defeating Sheldon, the unthinkable happens–the nearby Nuclear Plant Zeta also explodes! This time everybody evacuates to Legen Town via flight. After a briefing, head north to Route 11 to team up with your father and obtain Strength. Enter the door underneath the PokeMart to find the most sensible person in any Pokemon game; this guy makes items to replace HMs. For now he only has a Rock Smash item, but coming back after each gym will give you another item. Anyway, head east to Route 9 to catch a Flager, Chimical, and Paraudio. You can also breed your Kiricorn from earlier to get Oblivicorn by using a Dusk Stone. Make your way down to Rochfale, then on Route 5 near the beach, enter the cave entrance and use Strength to get a Razor Fang and to fight a trainer for a fossil. Take the hair fossil; slothohm evolves at 40 while Snopach evolves at 41. Revive the fossil in the Rochfale Lab.
From Route 4, find the Strength boulder on the east forested side. Moving this gives you access to Route 10. Prepare your inventory and party; there’s no PC in the next town and items are bought only with berries rather than money. On Route 10, you can catch Tikiki, Unymph, and Chicoatl in the grass. Fishing in the river with the Good Rod can net you a Hagoop. After saving Tiko from the Seikamater, find yourself a female Smore, Sponee, or Tricwe and level it up to 45 while holding the Royal Jelly you found.
When you reach 100 Pokedex entries, head back to Moki Town to get another egg from the Professor. This time he’ll give you a Luxi, which fortunately you can evolve right away.
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Gligar -> Gliscor (level up while holding Razor Fang)
Paraudio -> Paraboom (level 38)
Flager -> Inflagetah (Fire Stone)
Chimical -> Chimaconda (level 40)
Tikiki -> Frikitiki (level 32)
Unymph -> Harptera (level 28)
Chicoatl -> Quetzoral (level 25) -> Coatlith (level 41)
Slothohm -> Theriamp (level 40)
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Hagoop -> Haagross (level 45)
Minicorn -> Kiricorn/Oblivicorn (Shiny/Dusk Stone)
Luxi -> Luxor (Friendship) -> Luxelong (Shiny Stone)
Smore/Sponee/Tricwe -> Seikamater (level up while holding Royal Jelly, level 45+)
Total: 114 Entries

Important Items:
Boxing Glove: Legen Town
Lucky Egg: Route 9, daycare
Thunder Stone: Route 9
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Razor Fang: Comet Cave Fossil Room
Moon Stone: Anthell, near Silver Powder (hidden)
Royal Jelly: Anthell after beating Seikamater
Part 6 – Ninjas and Pirates and Actors, Oh My!
After beating Tiko, you’ll finally get Surf. Head back to Legen Town if you want the Strength item, then head back to the right of Rochfale to reach Route 12. It’s time to leave West Tandor for a while. On the water, you’ll find Titanice, Frynai, and Selkid. After fighting some ninjas and becoming their new leader somehow, you’ll arrive on Maskara Island. Thankfully the gentleman near the forest’s entrance will heal your party, so you don’t have to keep backtracking. In Route 13’s grass, you can find Spritzee, Jackdeary, Duplicat, and Eevee. The latter is a 5% encounter chance, and you’ll need to catch nine. Actually, there’s a lady in Venesi City who will give you an Eevee, but you still need to either catch eight more or breed eight more. In the same house, a girl and a man will give you all items needed to evolve Eevee if you show one to him. The one exception is Nucleon, which requires Eevee to level up with the Nuclear Pokemon from earlier in your party. Also in Venesi City, you’ll find Ratsy in alleyways and Gargryph in the park on Tuesdays.

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Frynai -> Saidine (level 36) -> Daikatuna (Water Stone)
Selkid -> Syrentide (Friendship)
Spritzee (both evolutions require trading)
Jackdeary -> Winotinger (use Carrot Wine)
Eevee -> Vaporeon (Water Stone), Jolteon (Thunder Stone), Flareon (Fire Stone), Espeon (Friendliness, day), Umbreon (Friendliness, night), Leafeon (level up while holding Moss Shard), Glaceon (level up while holding Ice Shard), Sylveon (level up while holding Pretty Bow), Nucleon (level up to 20+ with Nuclear Pokemon in party)
Ratsy -> Raffiti (level 30)
Total: 137 Entries

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Important Items:
Power Glove: Legen Town
Water, Thunder, Fire Stones: Venesi City, man in Eevee house
Sun Stone: Show man in Eevee house a Cottonee
Dusk Stone: Show man in Eevee house a Misdreavus
Moss and Ice Shards, Pretty Bow: Venesi City, girl in Eevee house
Part 7 – Frigid Climb, Mega Find
After beating Rosalind, head back to Route 13 to enter The Labyrinth, since the police officer has moved. Here, you can find Masking, Chupacho, and Linkite. Route 15 has no new Pokemon, so continue to Silverport. Head east in town to enter the lab. Here, you’ll trigger the second half of the Garlikid sidequest, so if you want a good Garlikid you’ll want to save just before fighting Professor Larkspur. After defeating the convict, you’ll get Garlikid for yourself. From here, continue north into Mt. Lanthanite.
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Inside the cave, you can find Colarva and Fafurr. Outside, you can find Pufluff and Anderind. It’s easier to evolve Pufluff into Alpico so catching a wild Anderind is nice. Alternatively there’s a trade where you can give the Alpico away for one in Snowbank Town. Once you reach 150 Pokedex entries, you’ll need to make the long trek back to Moki Town again to get an Orchynx Egg from the professor. Fortunately, this is the last Pokemon he gives as a gift.

Orchynx -> Metalynx (level 28)
Masking -> Dramsama (level 42)
Chupacho -> Luchabra (level 38)
Pufluff -> Alpico (speed > atk, level 38), Anderind (atk > speed, level 38)
Colarva -> Frosulo (level 41) -> Frosthra (level 53)
Fafurr -> Fafninter (level 55)
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Total: 153 Entries

Important Items:
Surf Board: Legen Town
Part 8 – Here I Am With My Ninja Clan, Ninja Clan Here We Stand
After defeating Vaeryn with Theo and obtaining the Mega Bracelet, you’ll need to make the journey back down the mountain. From Silverport, you can take a boat right to Venesi after defeating a pirate. From here, head east now that you can use Dive. Underwater, you can find Shrimputy and Lavent. On the grassy island on the southern part of the route, you can find Swabone and Stenowatt. You can also go back into the Labyrinth and dive in the pond in its second room to find a Jungore fossil. On reaching Tsukinami Village, head right from the Pokemon Center to trigger the Ninja Sidequest. These guys will be your best friends in a short while.
You’ll need to go around the region, reuniting the Master’s grandsons. They all require using Surf except for the one in Legen Town. The remaining five are on Route 10, Route 3, Route 12, Route 15, and Route 7. Once you find them all, return to the master’s house to earn a Volchik and free access to the best source of experience in the game.
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Shrimputy -> Krilvolver (level 38)
Swabone -> Skelerogue (level 40) -> Navighast (level 55)
Jungore -> Majungold (level 40)
Volchik -> Voltasu (level 42) -> Yatagaryu (level 66)
Total: 165 Entries

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Important Items:
Heavy Balls: Tsukinami Village, sold by ball vendor
Part 9 – Return of the Plot
After defeating the royal Ninjas, you will be approached by Pokemon Rangers, who have received a tip-off about an incoming attack on the final Nuclear Plant Omicron. Once there, you’ll be charged with defeating hordes of Nuclear Pokemon alongside Theo, the Ninjas, and other Rangers. Once the swarm has been warded off, you’ll be confronted by the game’s villain: a being known only as CURIE and their Pokemon, Urayne. They make their speech and teleport off, leaving you to try stopping their plans from Bealbeach. After donning the Hazard Suit, you, theo, and the Rangers head back to Route 8, currently known as the Hazard Zone due to how irradiated the area has become. You and Theo team up against teams of Nuclear Pokemon, making your way to the destroyed Nuclear Plant. Theo takes you aside partway through, however, since he spots a small Pokemon walking into the forest. This forested area is somehow completely clean! These Pokemon, Hazma, eat nuclear radiation to survive! Catch one; there are only four in the area and they don’t return if defeated. Continuing on your mission, you’re approached by CURIE. However, you don’t have the same fortune as previously and you end up knocked out.
Luckily, you wake up eventually, although with your suit in critical condition. After wandering around the destroyed nuclear plant, you eventually find your way north into an outdoor clearing. Here, you can find Xenomite and Geigeroach. Moving deeper into the lair, you eventually find CURIE once again, and have a proper battle with them. Their team only consists of Nuclear Pokemon, so having fast Pokemon will be your best bet. After defeating them, Urayne powers down into its Alpha form, and CURIE teleports with it once more. You rescue Theo and head back to the Ranger base. There’s nothing left to do but take on the Tandor League. In the outdoor section of Victory Road, you can encounter Sheebit. In the volcano area, you can find Antarki and Devimp. These are very few compared to previous sections, but Sheebit and Devimp need to reach ludicrous levels.
After evolving these dudes, enter the tournament. You’ll eventually reach the final round, and without spoiling too much you end up freeing Urayne from its bond to CURIE and it joins you.

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Xenomite -> Xenogen (level 55)
Sheebit -> Terrabbit (level 42) -> Laissure (level 66)
Devimp -> Fallengel (level 48) -> Beliaddon (level 72)
Total: 177 Entries

Important Items:
tikiki pokemon uranium check more tikiki pokemon uranium
Scuba Suit: Legen Town
Part 10 – Cleanup
After entering the Hall of Fame, Cameron gives you Waterfall. Fortunately, you can immediately get its item equivalent from the Tinkerer in Legen. Using this, you can ascend to the cores of both mountains, Actanite and Lanthanite, and capture their respective Pokemon. Use heavy balls; these guys weigh a TON. Finally, enter any PC aside from the daycare repeatedly. When you see broken text, choose an option and you’ll be taken to an unknown area. Solve the puzzle and you’ll encounter Praseopunk and Neopunk. Catch one of these guys and you’ll have completed the challenge!

tikiki pokemon uranium tikiki pokemon uranium
Total: 180 Entries

That’s about it! If you have any questions, you can join both the Professor Oak and Pokemon Uranium servers; both places have really helpful people!
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