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twitter siglemic
****UPDATED June 4, 2014 WITH REASONS****

a_cute_lynx = saved a stuffed cat, tried to become “popular” from it and raise funds for his stolen gear

AdelheidStark = went berserk on Withheld on twitter complaining that s/he raised money speedrunning for sgdq instead of rent

Adrian = took all the speedrunning passion from cosmo, SJW, doesn’t like fun

Almo = went crazy during the peak of the “Mad on the internet” got ass blasted by comments here

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Andy = a collective member, laughs too much, roughly 65% gay

Azorae = used srg to become popular then cut all ties when he sold out

Beneziaa = took money from SRG3 to go on a vacation

Bertin = has an irregular fetish with anime, collects barbie dolls

Biinny = one of the earlier people who promoted streaming over speed, caved in to peer pressure to use N64

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Bismuth = tried to become a member of the elite, got rejected, tried to become a member of srg, couldn’t fit in, has autistic outbursts on reddit

BJW = was a decent speedrunner until joined the collective, once he became partner and got sub he stopped streaming, now he just shits up chats and irc with his “epic memes” like his whale ascii

Calebheart = became popular and immediately sold out, has one of the worst stream layouts around, doesn’t wear a shirt to play videogames, however, does give health/fitness advice that people could use

Caracarn = is a strong SJW, censors opinions in his chat, plays final fantasy games “fast”

Carcinogen = had an awful showing during sgdq2013, was exiled for about a year, came back and is a bit better but horrible layout holds him back

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Cereth = see caracarn?

CFB = “joined” the collective, but actually is more hated for his condescending attitude toward people, uses the name Final Fantasy Guy

Chuckolator = tried to force final fantasy as a legitimate speed game using a trip, made thread wars, angered people

Citrine = possible hostage of Flaredb, draws anime stuff

Cirno = final fantasy fanatic, SJW?

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Cloakedyoshi = streamed for a year straight trying to sell out, tries to speedrun but clearly has no interest

Coolmatty = is paid for organizing GDQ marathons, is in charge of updating SDA forums, gets pissy when tech stuff isnt done HIS way

Cosmo = completely sold out from a few years ago, gave up on SRL, only wants donations and free vacations

Cronkeysd = got “bullied” out of the community even though was a decent contributor, affiliated with Minionxx

Crystalbeauty = SJW, censors opposing opinions, openly talks about cutting/killing themselves

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Cyberdemon531 = got removed from SRL because he couldn’t handle being bullied by the collective, now he just spouts shit he thinks are memes he thinks is funny

Cyghfer = retired, returned, retired again, now addicted to pyramid schemes

Dancingscarecrow = nuthugger and attention whore

Dick_Hammer = one of the people responsible for creating professional binding of isaac speedruns, doesn’t actually speedrun just entertains

Elementalguard = has an irregular fetish with feet, became involved with Minion (unconfirmed if romantically)

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Flare = only speedruns rpgs and pokemon, is a lets player primarily, addicted to anime, backstabbed his friends for sub emotes

Funkdoc = SJW, retired from speedrunning

GameJ06 = barely a speedrunner, puts more effort into his stream quality than his game

Geoff = adrian clone, tried to friendly himself with srg to get more popular(lol), ditched srg for MOTI, got ditched from

Go1den = gave up on speedrunning to promote his “vocal talent”, created The Final Shit: a podcast about personalities
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Goobi = stream monster, yet tries hard to be relevant in the speed community. seeks out drama and tries to shit things up

GoronGuy = tries too hard to start drama and call people out on irrelevant topics

Gunnermaniac = speedruns pokemon just to get viewers and donations to pay for his rent

Hexade = tried too hard to join any community, got rejected so hard he turned toward Minion as a friend, now is probably in a mental institute

heeheex2 = cannot stick to one speedgame, latched onto glover to get “popular”, trashes on people behind their back, approx. 75% gay
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Horror = tried to bully the speedrun community but lost, has an irregular fetish with animals

iateyourpie = constantly tries to sell out the community despite his failed efforts with machinima, knows he is not a good speedrunner but tries to cash in on “blind races”, quit his job to become a professional streamer, doesn’t understand how his parents are angry at him despite not having mono or faith in him

Ivan = was a solid speedrunner but then joined the collective, now does lets plays all the time and has an irregular fetish for anime

Kentakurodani = forced himself into srg4 despite talking shit about srg, got angry when people trashed on his run

kirbymastah = knows his metroid info, but doesn’t stop talking…EVER…
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kittycatwinters = female companion of josh, stream monster

knit-chan = female companion of raelcun, interrupted a speedrun to talk about cancer during agdq2013, become a rules nazi during agdq2014

Kryssstal = never streams, creates categories and rules to fit their needs, has a botnet that logs any “important” persons chat logs

LobosJr = started speedrunning but found out he could make more money playing dark souls, sold out and never looked back

lurk = is an anime fanatic, got banned from SDA for a few days for trying to prove a point to a brick wall
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M1 = allegedly is attracted to underage females

Mike Uyama = quit his day job to professionally organize GDQs, took advantage of the community by charging attendance fees that went straight to his pocket, after he sold out everything marathon related became more complicated and troublesome

Minion = broke up with his boyfriend, is a creep that films everything, went insane and become dragonlorddonnie to try to win back his boyfriend, he seriously needs help

Mirrored_ = agdq2013 he made a horrible mistake of talking over the queen cosmo during his run, got ran out of the community, decided to quit speedrunning and instead plays MMOs

mitchflowerpower= tries way too hard to become noticed and acknowledged as a top tier smb3 player
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Mitorequiem = an old school collective member who still hasn’t “peaked”, wants to sell out but no one is buying

Mofat = tried to speedrun twilight princess but was garbage, promotes smash over speedrunning, tries to be an “important community member” only when widespread drama hits

Naegleria = sometimes can be correct with arguments regarding drama, otherwise he tries to force F Zero and his opinions too much

Okikurume = a mario sunshine runner who is trying hard to sell out, has one of the worst stream picture icons

Pcull4444 = a literal lets player brought into the community by the collective. has no desire to speedrun, would rather entertain and make money
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PlagueFather = didn’t understand what a single segment run was despite multiple people linking the exact definition to him, trying to sell out by speedrunning WoW

presjpolk = one of the major factors leaderboards never launched because he didn’t want srl to steal his times

ProfessorBroman = a literal who that got popular by “speedrunning” borderlands 2, got an ego boost at agdq2014 and now does multiple gimmicks on his stream to entertain instead of go fast

Puncayshun = good super mario 64 speedrunner, sold out fast once he became popular, trashes on srg all the time

Raelcun = speedruns starcraft, has an irregular fetish for ponies
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RWhiteGoose = member of the elite despite them not wanting him to be, same goes for speedrunning community. tries to be “cool” and spout shit nonstop, 100% goal in life is to make money streaming video games while laughing at others like him, recently attempted to apologize to srg to get attention

Samura1man = has an irregular fetish with a bird, over dramatic, gets depressed easily

ScottJProgan = has an irregular fetish with bugs bunny costumes, believes auto scrollers are more of a speedrun than a high score game, was a member of MOTI to try to get popular

SimpleFlips = tries too hard to be sarcastically funny, but fails. couldnt compete with the top super mario 64 players so resorted to playing romhacks

Siglemic = was once a pure speedrunner with realistic goals in mind, now tries to sell out way too hard, pretty much gave up on SM64 to the point that he lost all his World Records, wears a diaper
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sn0wtiger = a married stream monster who went to agdq2014 and complained about someone touching her butt, days later sleeps with at least 3 other men

Spikevegeta = was on track to becoming a great member of the community until he joined the collective, now all he does is lets plays and podcasts

SuperMCGamer = this name was given to the growth on cosmos testicle, donates a lot of money to be cosmos friend

Svenne = bet on the right horse, he is part of team ludendi, a speedrunning team that will overtake srl in a few years in popularity, craves drama wherever he can get it

themexicanrunner= does follower specials that are not speedruns, has gimmick stream layouts, started getting back to being pure but has now gone on a break to beat every NES game
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thetones = speedran pokemon to get popular and ran ads nonstop to try to make a living, got caught and banned, also had drama with werster regarding strats

Trihex = got destroyed in his main speedgame which wrecked him so hard he turned to romhacks. tries to sell out as much as possible as often as possible in the form of $40 posters, $120 illegal rom carts, irregular fetish contests, etc. also was one of the members that tried to sell speedrunning to machinima, tries to claim he is part of the fighting game community

Ubergoos = was affiliated with MOTI to try to get popular, “speedruns” borderlands 2 and other meme games, cannot handle the banter

UraniumAnchor = bullies people on SDA who dont agree with his views, is paid to do tech work at GDQs but is not qualified for the job

Usedpizza = was a decent speedrunner, but joined the collective. now just spams shit and lets plays.
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Werster = is a good pokemon runner, however forces his arbitrary rules on the community like using in game time, has repeatedly retired from pokemon but always have ended up going back to it

Withhelde = SJW, tries to fit in with everyone even when its clear they are not wanted, ruined funkdoc, wears a lot of irregular hats

Witwix = raided himself after the sda sgdq hype thing, sold out pretty fast after using srg as a tool to get popular, calls his subs silly bitches

Xangold = because of a personal vendetta he reinstated a ban on dickoak after romscout had unbanned him

ZackSK = tries to be popular by “joining” all the speed cliques, is a stream monster doesnt speed run, thinks he is special because he has a voice similar to go1dens
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Zewing = has an irregular fetish with animals, only purpose in life is to raise money for a charity that uses said money to hand out packets and brochures that tell people to check their mates for cancer
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