[Rap Battle Bars]

Face Rap =

u best be ready for some fire, cuz ull be in an ambulance by the time im finished
im telling you, it’s gonna burn so hard itll need to be extinguished
cmon, what u lookin at? u think that ur so far above?
i find that hard to believe, considering u got a face only a mother could love
u’d think that someone with a face like urs would go to school getting pushed and shoved
but all that happens is they’re too scared to look at u, so u cant even be made fun of

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Face Rap Followup =

dont worry, i already burned your face well enough
but it doesnt matter, i promise this time itll be even more rough
first of all, why the fuzk u tryna to act so tough?
lol. thats a bluff. i could just pik you up like a cat by the scruff
i hope you enjoyed this lil rap battle, it really wasnt a challenge
analyze my lyrics and ull probably find some rhymes that you can scavenge

Outfit Rap =
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ive got an order for a heavy roast, hot and ready
when i spit my lyrics, ull find it hard to even keep urself steady
yo head lookin like u got beat by ur mama already
another thing, that outfit. its the worst ive ever seen
at least im versed in wearing things that look clean
ya look terrible from head to toe and everything inbetween

Random Rap =

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I heard you rap cringe like a noob man
Hope you get kicked off by a shoe man
My rhymes fire your raps pretty drool ayy
Your dont have fire you from the kiddle pool
You being roasted by Lil Mik
Saw your girl i heard she getting hits
She punched them noobs she has been bit
Like my homie said what will lit?
Dude that rhyme you just spit is so dead
Look like a snowman build on yo head
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Slice my cut, straight to the arm
Im gold as hell boy you know who i are
Because those raps are nothing but ish
Homie, you think your rhymes is a hit?
I can think of anything but i ain’t no shame
Tell yo dude stop wearing those fake aas chains!

Bam bih, i dont wanna fuss to spit fire
My bars so fire and you look like a vampire
Trapped on this beat! Like this my street
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All my fudging homies that Im taking the heat!
But dude, cmon, lets do this onstage
It’s all good cause I’m still (blank) girl at yo age
I mean, shout out to my dude Zay Pro
He and i rappers, nah man you slow
Dang im going hard like my boy young dirt
Go ask him hes lit, that he need to get you work
Like bacon, imma have fun with them
At least. I ain’t big or old like him!
Ayeee, is yo cat okay? Do she cry at night?
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Just wanna see if that bih ain’t right
Ooo, im real spitting fire, Im a dragon
Just me and Zay Pro was dab in!

Dumb People
– [I have to say you have the right to be stupid
But I’m asking you to stop abusing privilege,and soon you be executed.]

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– [The trouble with you is that you lack the power of dropping bars
vuxvux here vuxvux
but not the power of conversation “hardy, har, har”.] ( if he talks while rapping )

– [Of all the words that rhyme with ‘started’
you choose retarted..?
Your bars and rhymes are weak and still disregarded.]


Rich people/Oders
vuxvux here vuxvux
– [Im wasting my time dropping bars on ODers..
what happened to roblox when kids like you arent even 10 or older…]

– [Hmm.. You must be part squirrel
for the fact your g8y, no wonder you attract ‘nuts’
seems that its demurral.

– [Huh.. Boi, look at your self your your playing from your backyard
she kicked you out of the the house after spending 100$ from her credit card!]

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No-Rap Noobs

-[Dayum, your 10% Fringe
10% nothing. forgot.. your 80% cringe!]

-[Haha, Im going against a kid with bacon hair!
Pathetic No-Rap so He spits air
vuxvux click here vuxvux
No wonder his parent sign him up with no child care!]

-[Again.. You have no flair (No fashion/ugly)
No wonder your parents dropped you at a circus fair]



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(Fat) – [A tub of lard is fatter than you
Problem is you could’nt hold yourself together
with tape and glue.]

(try-hard) – Boi, you surf your bars on the internet
while I drop it fast like a f$*&ing jet.
IT dont stop there when you cant freestyle
Its so messy like like your lifestyle ” Clean up on Aisle 3 “

(TrashTalker) – You think your’e all cool with you trash talker
vuxvux website vuxvux
Sorry but the part where you go to girls houses, Sounds more of a ‘trash stalker’


– [VuxVux’s Raps]

This One Goes Out To All My Fans’

this one got me going real ham
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this one gottem saying im the man

this one gon be homies jam

this is for you durt R.I.P

buried up in taht grave that im vis-it-ing

and if im hanging out its in meep city
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where they vellin out vux hes so lit-ty

used to be the man boy like 8 months back

had to take some time off yeah them raps i lacked

but i came back yeah them heads gettin cracked

rollin with the vuxgang going BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT
vuxvux read more vuxvux

its hard to believe that a boy like me

started out from the bottom now im runnin these streets

first time i hit the stage ready knew i was king

thats why im so blessed and ownin ARB!

yeah i love the rap im better than the most
vuxvux website vuxvux

got a big ol ego yea i really love to boast

people say i copy how did you copy a ghost

its been over 8 months were did that boy GO!


vuxvux check here vuxvux




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THIS ONE – goes out to all my fans – THIS ONE, goes hard as fpck damn

vuxvux click here vuxvux
THIS ONE – gotem saying im the man – THIS ONE, gonna be the homies jam

your raps suck bawd ,OOO, i mean these testocles

you cant fool me up, up on this stage bro

i fpck you good with this mic, i mean this deeldo

lyrically, not anully, that just sounds some pain to me

vuxvux here vuxvux
energy not memory, juice me up thats all i need WOOOOOOO

so dont get me started WOOOOOObout to get out smarted WOOOOOOOOO

so fat prolly ate a whole dang pizzaria

outfit, gross girl lookin some diarrhea

my rap game blowing up like its nuclear

vuxvux check here vuxvux
yours got girls sayin its just some puke to her


mad props to my girl kayla she killed it up on taht studio

ressurected man she brought me back now i’m lookin like im jon snow

wouldn’t you know taht boy got it i spit sick, you would think its vomit
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tracked up in our space suit now we blastin off like team rocket

shout out to all my fans today, wanna say thanks for the 100k

on the way up to the top, but we started here in the bay

this beat be hella fat, but my rhymes are real shape

yall really cant trust the boy cause he 2 faced like proffesor snape
vuxvux get more info vuxvux

i really dont need to hate up on you

but you stepped up on my stage and messed with the CREW!

–Other Bars

your grandpa crazy and your just lazy?
better get moving baby
your like a teenage camera
vuxvux here vuxvux
sitting from the banners
your mom just came in and ruined your manners
earth never matters
stop showing off your beats
because you think your a cool kid?
no you aren’t
your just a little starter trying to become like me.

vuxvux click here vuxvux
when you try to be me
but your family says your just a little bee
and you go off and cry in the streets
like you don’t even got any beats
and that’s when you see
what life can actually be
my life is good your life is bad
im rad
your just mad
you think your rad
vuxvux get more info vuxvux
but your actually glad
that you cant even rap.

vuxvux click here vuxvux

your not rad your just bad
looking at yourself like you think your cool on raps
but you actually just drool
on raps.
you think your cool?
but you just sleeping inside the poo
vuxvux website vuxvux
trying to be me
well I agree
your just a starter
trying to win this battle of shame
your raps are lame
and I am heading to the hall of fame

im the guy who is Blazin hot
you ask me ive really got a lot
im going on the attack
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and im not looking back
im hotter then cool
i could whoop Deadpool
im the best there is at what i do
and by that i mean beating all of you
im the guy who really sings
and i go so fast, i might have Gale Wings
im gonna swing to action
and not lose any traction
im sweeping you all
vuxvux click here vuxvux
i wont ever fall


i don’t like to boast
but you’re all toast
there’s not a one of you that i cant roast
you’ll soon be running like you’ve seen a ghost
i’m playing all my cards
and i’m comin on hard
im gonna play to win
i’ve got more tricks than Ben 10
vuxvux website vuxvux
im going full force
and gonna ace the course
think before you react
cuz i’m a real Power Pack

im going on the attack
and not holding back
im not talking smack
im stating facts
im heading straight for victory
vuxvux website vuxvux
going down in history
truer words never spoken, truer facts never said
truer heroes never super, truer books never read
*drops mic*


{Amazing Bars}

you think you can rap but really your just a rat with no ryhmes
vuxvux more info vuxvux
you have no life im a ghoul i,ll suck your soul lets fight tonight
everything you say about yourself is a lie just like you
so go get a life im more famous and your more poor so dont beg
at my door anymore you might be short but your names mort
ill be riding in my jeep i shove peppers in your mouth go south
i,ll get you in your sleep some people go like meep meep meep
ive never been suprised how you could get this far in the deep
its time to face the boss at rapping ill just be napping >:)
just me or does it smell like toast in here or is it my roast
back off dont get to close my rapping skills will roast anyone
vuxvux here vuxvux
im wasting my bars on a noob right now i would be sending you
to mars with the stars ill shoot you with my darts so get off
the stage this is my page im mager your a rager you should be
in the shame hall while i,ll be in the fame hall your a trash
talker your a trash stalker you look in peoples windows to watch
movies because your so poor no one will open the door to you
everyone screams boo hoo hey no wonder you dont need a costume
for halloween your already scary! even bloody mary would be scared
so be prepared for a fight ill give you a fright for the night
ill always see you in sight i might give you a raise or a maze
vuxvux here vuxvux
im dazing im glazing i never thought you would make pass through all
my tests now you made a mess and ill clean you up and might put you
in a cup yup this is it you made it to the boos battle of raps >:(
you think your better ill put you on the map when i clap three times
youll dissapear forever you can start over im showing my talent
to the talent show put the crown on me so you will see that i can be
the best kink your like ping pong ding dong whos there its your face
so cut to the trace who is tracer from overwatch i got a golden watch

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