Wakfu Level Guide

wakfu level guide
Pick a class. There are 15 of them. Read their descriptions and shit. Just fucking go here: http://www.wakfu.asia/en/mmorpg/game/character-classes

Note that you should stay away from these classes because they are difficult for first time shitters:

These classes are typically Healers:

These are support classes that don’t heal especially well or in some cases at all, but can do supporty shit:
wakfu level guide wakfu level guide

These are your “I want to walk up to shit and hit it until it dies” classes (each unique in their method of shit slapping.):

REminder that every class is fine, but some are new and harder to play (Rogue, Masque, Foggy), some suffer from a learning curve that’s pretty steep, and some are confusing. Read into it first, then decide.
wakfu level guide wakfu level guide

Once in the game near a fat drunk man statue, ESC> Change Char.> Log back in. This removes a bug. Don’t worry about it.

Next hit “P” and “S”. This brings up personal traits and spells. First look at spells.

Typically for most classes, you pick an element and you stick with it. Each element is unique in how it operates, but the interesting thing is that to level up abilities in those elements, you have to use them. So unless you think you can do 15 abilities in a fight, you are sticking with one element. Maybe two, but that’s honestly something you should consider later on. Just pick an element that you think would be neat, read it’s abilities, and remove every other ability from your hotbar, save for the one of that element.

That is the ability you will use for now.

Next, on the “P”ersonal traits screen, at the bottom it should read “Apply 25 – 25 skills” or something.
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Click that.

General Build Advice Time!

Bare Minimum!
Stat 1 ap/1mp. This is core on most characters. Don’t get all uppity and talk about your special snowflake. This is a GENERAL guide. You may very well get this much later on, but it’s not unusual to just have points unspent as you level, and grab the important stats when you can.

What next?
Firstly, if you are going for a crit build, stat all 22 points of that crit. More crit the better right?
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Secondly, if you are going for a lock tank build, stat lock then block. If you don’t want lock, stat block.

Don’t stat HP unless you really need it. 1 HP per point. Lets see what you can get for each of the other stats.

2 HP = 1 Dodge OR 1 Init OR 1 Lock
3 HP = 0.5% Damage or Resist of highest statted element.
9 HP = 1 Block
10 HP = 1 Kit (Could be worth if if the item is large enough of an upgrade, though its better to get it through an item)
15 HP = 1% Crit
wakfu level guide wakfu level guide
80 HP = 1 Range
100 HP = First MP
150 HP = First AP

For a breakdown of what each stat does, mouse over it.


Seriously, just stat the elements or whatever stat increases your damage. 3 HP is worth much lesser than 0.5% damage and resist of an element IN GENERAL.

wakfu level guide wakfu level guide
Get AP on your weapon. amulet and cloak. (You can swap out AP on amulet or cloak for AP set bonus). This gives you 10 AP.

Get MP on your BP and boots. This gives you 6MP. You can forfeit the MP on the BP if you can’t get one, its pretty tough to get some of the MP BPs.

Next is your specialties.

The guide for this is simple.

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These aren’t leveled by use, but rather when you level up. You get 5 Actives and 5 Passives. By going back to the “S”pells panel, you can drag the progression slider to see how they change as you level.

When you have applied all your points, you are all set. You did it. Now here is the chain of quests for the next little bit to get you to level 15 easy (use “m”ap if you are lost) (it’s also implied that you talk to these bitches/do what they say. The left side of your screen has a quest tracker):

Go to Master Bossowl > Pappy > Wood > Pappy > Note > Pappy > Basement > Pappy > Archaeologist > Pappy > 3 Basements > Pappy > Sewers > Donalangelo > Smash Eggs (go west) > Don > Nana Wurm > Don > Shredie > Unlock the lockbox > Don > Back to the Surface > find/talk to Ullu (he is a tv set with wings) > Talk to him again, say you are ready for Zinit > three fights > Find Moze at the end of the maze > find and fight the crablock > Back to moze > through the waterfall > Through the maze to will > pirate cave > slime cave > back to will > 3 fights > Dragon that you fight for like, 20 turns and then he let’s you pass > talk to ullu, take me home > Nation Board (near bossowl) > pick a nation (we are all on Brakmar, so probably brakmar) > talk to bossowl and respec for free for the first time.

WOW YOU ARE ALREADY LEVEL 15. Now that you are respeccing, you can try out all the elements and see which one is right for you. Spend some time and mix and match until you are happy. This also resets your skill points, so try different combos with that as well.

At this point you should also have an idea what abilities you use and one you don’t as much. Max all abilities of an element except for the one you don’t use as much and shelf that ability. Max it last as it will get less levels. Remember that you can respec definitely in the dojo, but once you finalize, that’s it man. You are locked for 15 levels, and these don’t come as easy as the first 15.
wakfu level guide best of wakfu level guide

When done, talk to Kano, go to your nation, talk to the Jonk (big dude) and follow that quest line to completion.


Follow the following guide to get a general answer to “What do I do now?”


Levelling Guide:
wakfu level guide informational wakfu level guide

Lvl 15-30
>Tofu/Gobball Dungeon

Lvl 30-40
>Grind Challenges in [Your Level Range] map

Lvl 40-50
>Do Mount Zinit Part 2: Electric Boogaloo Quest

wakfu level guide wakfu level guide
Lvl 50-55
>Wild Estate Questline

Lvl 55-70
>Sadida Kingdom

Lvl 70-75
>Calamar Questline and Calamar in general

Lvl 75-100
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>Monk Island

Lvl 100-105
>Frigost Questline

Lvl 105-120
>Whispered Island (You can start as early as 90 if you have the correct group)

Lvl 120-125
>Wabbit Island Questline
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Lvl 125-145
>Wabbit Island in general


Dungeons General Guide

Lvl 20-40
>Astrub Larva Dungeon for Imperial Shin Larva Set
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Lvl 40-60
>Cloudy Gobbal Dungeon for Infernal Set

Lvl 60-80
>Grind outside everyday because Infernal Set is the shit for about 20-30 levels or so

Lvl 80-100
>Blibliza Mussel Dungeon and Undieworld for Apprentice Set mats

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Lvl 100+
>Vampyro dungeon for Vampyro set and Apprentice Set mats

Lvl 120-145
>Various high level dungeons for Initiate/Sage Set mats


Osa summons guide

wakfu level guide informational wakfu level guide
lvl 20: warchief
lvl 35: aggresive blibli
lvl 40?: crackrock
lvl 40?: elite chafer/lancer
lvl 55?: ancestral crackler
lvl 55: wild warchief
lvl 74: rats
lvl 99: jellies
lvl 105: mint jellies
lvl 122: black wabbit
wakfu level guide informational wakfu level guide
lvl 144: guard wabbit
wakfu level guide


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