We Do Raids Osrs

we do raids osrs
Looted – http://rsjustice.com/looted
PbNo3 – http://rsjustice.com/im-deadass
ansih – http://rsjustice.com/heisann
tgif – https://runewatch.com/done-zerkin
Fifth Yonko – https://rsjustice.com/re0p
Dan Angelou – https://rsjustice.com/big-hobbit
Kahelta – https://rsjustice.com/reburst
Coming – https://rsjustice.com/piecekeeper2
opsienhouwer – https://rsjustice.com/99-99-45-60
tob grind – https://rsjustice.com/got-purpz
Kuvu – https://rsjustice.com/kuvu
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Anglistas – https://rsjustice.com/pvm-no-skill
verchewoso – https://runewatch.com/king-mane
Hit LTU – https://runewatch.com/max-of-range
HydraJr – https://runewatch.com/gnawranger
koudekroket – https://runewatch.com/koudekroket
aanysa – http://runewatch.com/we-rabbitz
Leuiil93285′ – https://runewatch.com/rot-daisy
Its Logan – https://runewatch.com/its-logan
Bow Ples/thx4freeb0w – https://runewatch.com/clublifenow
oooff – https://runewatch.com/hogu-san
we do raids osrs check more we do raids osrs
bjarttskular (impersonating an admin) – https://runewatch.com/lonesomepete/
75 Attackz – https://runewatch.com/60attackz/
flow estates – https://runewatch.com/afk-pvm/
Pepe Btw duo scammed a Twisted bow with m3g4m4n – https://runewatch.com/m3g4m4n/
Davien – https://runewatch.com/mr-no-stream/
rektcya – https://runewatch.com/rektcya/
darrkabbyss – https://runewatch.com/darrkabbyss
Fat Bizarre – https://runewatch.com/ya-yeeeeet
Neville NL – withheld 36m from a twisted bow split and forged evidence to make it appear as if he had split fully. [Paid back]
L G E E Z – https://runewatch.com/jammolicious
we do raids osrs check more we do raids osrs
zzzlep – https://runewatch.com/grillgeek
draedal – https://runewatch.com/dran-h/
DaSWAG – https://runewatch.com/daswag
the LLLest
Beauclair & mooogga
123BocK321 – Kodai Wand http://rsjustice.com/metalgods
we do raids osrs informational we do raids osrs
Majaa – Scamming DHCB https://rsjustice.com/majaa
b2b u kry – Dragon Claws [Paid back]
smart seals – Dragon Claws https://rsjustice.com/saak
trucknord – Ancestral Top https://rsjustice.com/trucknord
Makemyluck – Dexterous Prayer Scroll https://rsjustice.com/makemyluck
RsNaata – Dragon Hunter Crossbow w/ Giraffepee https://rsjustice.com/lil-weasel
Abukar/kLLtos – This ironman has scammed multiple items and lied about being able to split the drops with his main’s gp.
PvM Hippy – Dexterous Prayer Scroll
iM y s t i c – Dragon Claws [Paid back] https://runewatch.com/ill-love-y0u
Eddie Hazel – Dexterous Prayer scroll https://runewatch.com/eddie-hazel/
we do raids osrs informational we do raids osrs
xanthelaa – Dexterous Prayer scroll https://runewatch.com/wakanaiyo/
tbowplsandty – Point split a drop without consent of party and refused to pay back the equal split [Paid back]
gf im black – Multiple items https://runewatch.com/toe-taggin/
Dexxle – Dexterous Prayer Scroll
Mazing RS – Dexterous Prayer Scoll https://runewatch.com/a-mazing/
lamb fridge – Dragon Claws [Paid Back] https://runewatch.com/mr-kfc-owner/
papentukas – Ancestral Robe Bottoms
BrewiRekka & Bar Toimisto – duo scammed DHCB
BarrageNorth – Ancestral robe top
rev blows – Ancestral robe top
we do raids osrs informational we do raids osrs
R azende – Arcane prayer scroll :face_palm:
Yes Daddi – Dragon hunter crossbow https://runewatch.com/yes-daddi
Gingert0nik – Kodai insignia
Jadeeeeeeee & i came n u – duo scammed DHCB
Big Chundey – Dexterous prayer scroll https://runewatch.com/haha-no
og Donald – duo scammed Arcane prayer scroll :4Head~1: https://runewatch.com/og-donald/
BoBByWiP/The Lurch – duo scammed Arcane prayer scroll :4Head~1: https://runewatch.com/puggins-chin/
bjorntoskill – Arcane prayer scroll
Neck bat – Ancestral robe top
ShakaSociety & Tzhaar-Josh – Duo scammed DHCB
we do raids osrs best of we do raids osrs
jaylee8111 – Kodai insignia
pdi – Scammed kodai wand, paid back when threatened with Runewatch case. Openly admitted he would scam the next drop he got.
Gettolintu – Dexterous prayer scroll
big doinky – Dexterous prayer scroll

Imaginejames – Twisted Bow https://runewatch.com/jmcdarkabyss
JayySprite – https://runewatch.com/jayysprite
Pefin – https://runewatch.com/pefin
mekinist – https://runewatch.com/game-studies
Gunna x Thug/Tino 601 – Scammed Twisted Bow http://rsjustice.com/a67
we do raids osrs best of we do raids osrs
Thrillin – http://rsjustice.com/zer0-vs-pso
Tear Dr0p/P eyton – Scammed a Twisted Bow loan https://rsjustice.com/tear-dr0p | https://rsjustice.com/crope-only
ipm – Multiple scamming cases http://rsjustice.com/ipm-3
OathkeeperRS – Scamming loaned items https://rsjustice.com/oath-x
Park Watcher – Scamming loaned ancestral set
DavidOSRS/pkz – Scamming loaned twisted bow & attempting to lure people on pvp worlds
Iron porque – Stole wealth from a clan alt and RWTed it. He then proceeded to spend it all on 1 pizza
tob hero – https://runewatch.com/thunderyetii/ & multiple other scamming cases
ChambersX – Scamming loaned Dragon Claws
0srs prodigy – Caught scamming at the duel arena
we do raids osrs best of we do raids osrs
Lokkz – Stole 640m worth of items from a friend’s account
renegade fox – Scamming 2 loaned twisted bows
Ro131nh00d – Scamming a loaned twisted bow
Wannaneck247 – Scammed almost 2bil in loaned gear.
Tadass – Scammed at least 300m in loaned items from clanmates.
world2addict – Scammed loaned Armadyl Crossbow and Dragon Warhammer.
TNT olm – Scammed elysian sigil
Job Carl – Scammed loaned gear
kiiier093 – Scammed loaned gear
XHD – Scammed a 500m loan
we do raids osrs informational we do raids osrs
C H I P – Scammed loaned items from several of his clan members and blocked them on discord, paid back when threatened with Runewatch case.
Fanatic Pet – Explicit intent to scam https://rsjustice.com/fanatic-pet
Rottakarva – Advertising raids for multiple people who have scammed items and has most likely partaken in them.
Xafty – Advertised a raid for someone who is banned and ended up taking part in a scam.
Cora bora2 – Was an accomplice of Its Logan during a Twisted Bow scam.
2 way split – Extremely toxic and has claimed intent to scam in the future https://i.imgur.com/MEgZMjF.png
@astrow0w#8901 – Pursuing a member of staff’s irl information to harass, making claims about mods tampering with evidence, making discord alts to harass a specific member and wasting everyones time with consistent messages fighting the strikes he intially recieved.
Tnat_nuocca – Extremely toxic towards members of this discord on numerous occasions.
B R U S (Jerymanderin) – Excessive rule breaking and ban evading/being a toxic individual.
Egg n Mayo (aminah begum) – Ban evading multiple times after he was found to be on RSJ.
we do raids osrs check more we do raids osrs
aiight bet – Abusive user who constantly mocked and flamed people and wasted staff time.
DzibylasBlet – Intention to lure high wealth accounts
xapted – Attempted DClaws scam
Heroic dj – Repeatedly leaving or suiciding in raids, despite 5 warnings/temp-bans.
VVoman – Banned for repeated rule breaking and overall toxicity
Hall of Pepe – Bought the account of Xander, a known scammer
Lucky Maiden – Banned for repeated toxicity
Swaziee – Helping a Tbow scammer raid in this discord, knowing full well he was a scammer
We Do Raids [Official]01/20/2019
ScorpioOG – Helping a Tbow scammer raid in this discord, knowing full well he was a scammer
we do raids osrs best of we do raids osrs
Link DT – Repeated history of racism, griefing learner raids, trolling voice channels, and violation of WDR default splitting rules.
MoPhobia – Clear and personally admitted intent to scam his next drop.
Jarttu – openly inviting scammers into wdr raids
we do raids osrs

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