Who Is Kero The Wolf

who is kero the wolf
[Furry Fandom] Kero the Wolf Zoophile Scandal.
So backstory… Kero the Wolf is a furry youtuber with around 100k subscribers. He was also at one point interviewed by Shane Dawson and this comes as a surprise to most of the fandom.

So recently some screenshots surfaced on twitter of Telegram chats between Kero the Wolf and another person over the course of 2 years. The screenshots of said conversations included several messages sent by Kero in which he alluded to/claims to have sexually abused his dog as well as claimed to have fucked dead animals, along with numerous other zoophilic and necrophiliac comments and claims. When these messages first surfaced, Kero claimed he had just gotten hacked and his telegram was deleted, and he posted screenshots of network activity. Several users commented in skepticism and pointed out that in the top right of one of the screenshots, it’s visible he’s using his VPN and many agree that he deleted the account himself. Along with the screenshots that surfaced, someone leaked a link to a Zoophile Ring telegram group. The group linked to Twitter is extremely nsfw/nsfl and includes videos and pictures of several people sexually abusing their dogs and includes discussions as well. In said chat, there is a deleted user which is speculated to be Kero and said by a leaker in the chat to have been Kero. Kero in response to backlash claims he has been hacked and these messages are not him and merely a troll and most doubt this as the messages are over the course of two years. Most everyone has drawn the conclusion he is in fact a Zoophile and has received much backlash and hate. Personally this disgusts me and the fact he did those things taints the fandom and he deserves every bit of hate he is receiving unless he is actually proven to not be.

TL:DR Popular Furry youtuber exposed as a Zoophile and Necrophile. Still debatable by some whether it actually is legitimate.
who is kero the wolf

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