Windows 10 Poolmon

windows 10 poolmon

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PoolMonX is a GUI version of the classic PoolMon tool, a utility designed to find which pool tag is causing the kernel-mode memory leak. displays data that the Windows operating system collects about memory allocation from the system’s paged and nonpaged kernel. PoolMon displays allocations from the Terminal Services session pools only on Windows Server and later versions of Windows. Windows.
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Run poolmon by going to the folder where WDK is installed, go to Tools (or C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Toolsx64) and click 13 I read online to download the Windows Driver Kit and use poolmon. I’ve attached a snapshot of poolmon that shows the tag “Thre” using the. This tutorial shows how to discover memory leaks with EventSentry and finding the source with the utilitiy.
windows 10 poolmon


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