Wurm Enchanted Grass

wurm enchanted grass
I just wanted to say this first, I tried to get as many of these mods to work but some of them either required other players, long waiting periods, reading code, or some sort of crafting that I was not able to do with a new character. I’m not learned in how to spawn items or change things using admin abilities so this is the best I could do. I have made a simple two letter legend system thing to help. Another thing, these mods were all tested one-by-one which means that some of these mods probably don’t work at all with one another. If you see something that’s wrong or needs to be changed/added, please let me know in the thread.

[P]-Personally tested by me to the best of my abilities, which is limited.
[U]-I was able to start a server and log into them using these mods, but I was unable to verify if they actually worked.

Absolutely Required
[P]Ago’s Mod Loader
The mod loader is a must, some other mods require the serverpacks/scriptrunner mods as well. Serverpacks requires httpserver. There are a few other mods there that can be useful.
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass

[P]JPWM Server GUI mod manager
Adds a tab to the server creation window that allows you to enable/disable mods, very handy!

bdew’s Mods
[U]Action Timer Fix
Fixes many action timers that ignore the action time multiplier setting; all spells, flatten, level, sow, sacrifice, pray, meditation, alchemy, destroying, rummaging, breeding, bow and fishing rod stringing/unstringing and painting and removing paint.
[U]Tresure Chest Claim
wurm enchanted grass informational wurm enchanted grass
Allows players to “claim” random treasure chests, unlocking the chest and rewarding the players with some karma
[U]Better Digging
Yet another digging mod, does a lot of different things that are nice, read the thread.
[U]Better Farming
Cultivate, sow, harvest and replant in a bigger area dependent on skill level.
[U]Move to Center
Move to center is now in vanilla but this also allows move to corner.
[U]Movement Tweaks
Admins can change many thing related to movement such as speed, weight limits, loading ranges and more.
[U]Hitching Limits
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
Can control many different animals to be hitchable to many different objects.
[P]No Build Limit
Removes limit on planning buildings.
[U]Set Height
Gives the admin a tool to set the height of a tile(WARNING THIS CAN FUCK THINGS UP IF YOU ARE STUPID)
[U]HotS Fixes
Changes a few things related to HotS.
[U]Fix Guards
Fixes guards from spawning infinitely.
[U]Bind to all Interfaces
wurm enchanted grass informational wurm enchanted grass
Some sort of server managing mod that deals with VMs.
[U]Highway Portals
Players can craft portals between deeds.
Turn creatures into statues and spend karma to animate them.
[U]No Damage
Removes damage from objects and stops decay.

Sindusk Server Mods
wurm enchanted grass informational wurm enchanted grass
Changes so many different things that have to do with armor and weapons, it’s best to just read the thread.
Basically the same as above except for spells.
[U]Better Combat Log
Colors the combat log so it’s easier to read.
[U]Libila Fixes
Allows Libila worship on PVE servers
[U]Server Player Counter
wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass
Displays the correct amount of players on your server. I believe this is only if we want to display our server on the official list(NORMIES).
[U]Server Tweaks
A bunch of bug fixes and tweaks, read the thread.
[U]Skill Gain Control
Removes the soft cap of 31 on skills
[P]Starter Gear
Configure what new players spawn with.
[U]Tax Config
Increases the upkeep costs the longer a mayor has been inactive. Mostly used to clean up abandoned deeds.

wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
Some of these mods are broken and some are clientside. If they are not listed here then check out those other lists.
[U]Increase Merchant Max Items
Self explanatory
[U]Craft more things
Adds a bunch of random stuff to craft
[U]Glimmersteel/Adamantine Transmutation Rods
Adds glimmersteel and adamantine to the transmutation ore question.
[U]Auto Alerts
wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass
Allows the admin to set up to 10 alerts that go off automatically.
[U]Poll Spawner
Randomly spawn Rift Items around the map

WalkerInTheVoid Mods
[U]Bounty Mod
Can skillgain with player-bred animals and creatures drop coins upon death.
[U]Boat Mod
Changes wind effects for boats to be like rowboats, lets players lead animals over water and continues leading animals while embarking in vehicles.
wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass
[U]Bulk Mod
Can place hot items in bulk storage.
One of the many mods that allows players to automatically drop what they dig on the ground rather than go straight into their inventory. Also enables dredging to ship and automatic use of dirt/sand when leveling/flattening.
[U]Meditate Mod
Quite a few changes to meditation, just read the thread.
[U]Phobia Mod
Replaces spiders with other creatures.
Can sacrifice any rare item to have a chance at receiving a bone of the same rarity.
wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass
[U]Salve Mod
Renames healing items so that they are oraganized by power levels.

[U]nekoexmachina Mods
Fix for white foals, spellmod, no more lag
Fix for white foals is for creaturemod
Spellmod removes the chance for spells to break items
No more lag removes fog spiders and achievements

wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass
[P]JPWM Deeds
Allows the admin to set the minimum deed size and prices for tiles, perimeter tiles, guards and founding charge.

[U]JPWM Clay Removal
Lets players build a “decay bed” that slowly removes clay tiles

[U]JPWM Offspring Names
Adds more names to the generic name pool for animals. Also adds a craftable name tag.
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass

[P]Wyvern Anti-cheat
Hides ores from the player until they are exposed on at least one side. Players and their mounts/leads are hidden as well. Mob ESP still works though.

Allows the admin to change the amount of transmutation liquid needed to change a tile.

wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass
[U]No Fatigue
Fatigue =/= stamina. This removes the limit on the amount of time you can spend doing actions in 1 day. I’m not sure how to check if this actually works but I was able to start a server with it activated.

[U]Remove animal hoarding limits
Removes brand limit, creature ratio affects, disease spread.

[P]Lead creatures over water
Animals can now swim while being lead. I have let a server run for multiple days and have yet to see any dead bodies in the water due to drowning or even mobs swimming anywhere.
wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass

Lets you change a carpentry multiplier to change how big houses can be built.

[U]Fishing Ignores Range
Allows the players to fish at any range(just the ones they can target/highlight), can move during fishing, swim while fishing, cave fishing gives bigger fish and gives info about the tile they are fishing.

wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
[U]Enchanted Nature
Admin can disable enchanted grass from being packed because of animal grazing.

[U]Disable Fog Spiders
Disable fog spider from spawning during fog and basically turns them into giant spiders when they do.

Lets players lead X amount of animals. Default is 4. Can also change the weight of the rope.
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass

[U]Ship Woodtypes
Changes the texture of ships depending on the wood they are made with. Says you need clientside files too, but I can’t find them.

[U]Quality Level Limit
Allows the admin to limit the quality level of items obtained by several actions based on the corresponding skill level of the player.

wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
[U]Rock Surface Terraforming & Action timer based on stamina
Change the max slope that players can mine rock/raise with concrete. Also throws in a mod that changes the action timer based on stamina levels. There is also a script-runner code that allows players to craft concrete from clay and rock shards.
He has another thread that seems to be an admin terraforming pickaxe.

[P]Better Gamemasters
Gives gamemasters a few extra abilities

wurm enchanted grass informational wurm enchanted grass
[U]Configurable gestation period
Self explanatory

[U]Bulk Options Mod
Lets you change how bulk storages work. Such as being able to add rare items without being destroyed, adding prepared foods and even whatever item you want as long as you have the item id.

[U]Smelt Purify Mod
Lets you change how the smelting pot works.
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass

[U]Big containers be-all-end-all
Lets players nest containers within containers to infinity.

[U]No Decay
Lets the admin choose groups of items to no longer decay. You have to edit the blacklist to include heating sources/heatable items in order to cook/smelt.

wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
[U]Simple Paving
Simplifies paving and lets the admin set the action timers for paving.

[U]Upkeep Costs
Change tile, perimeter and guard initial cost and upkeep. Change minimum upkeep, found cost and name change cost.

Bans character upon death, not IP.
wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass

[U]Item Mover
Let’s players move items between bulk storage containers. There is a specific way to get it to work in-game.

[U]Craftable Pauldrons
Self explanatory

wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass
Let’s players check their bank balance by typing /balance

[U]Farm Barrel
Let’s players sow in a configurable radius, harvests only ripe food(including grain without the need for a scythe) and can carry a lot of items.

Steep dirt slopes with erode over time. WARNING: creator recommends not using this as it is still in alpha, still pretty neat though
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass

[U]Loading Unchained
Removes restrictions related to loading/unloading

[P]Unlimited Stamina
Can make it so creatures, including players, do not use stamina for anything or just movement.

wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass
[U]Mark and Recall
Adds craftable runes that work like mark and recall spells from morrowind. Basically teleport spells.

Players are given money/karma based on play time. Sounds extremely exploitable but maybe there is some use.

[U]Ulviirala mods
Epic mission hints, no holy ground, no mail cost, pvp surface mining slope, ash produce, fire burn time, double bulk capacity, pick more sprouts
wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass

[P]Player Attributes Modifications
Set a multiplier to player item damage, money and player speed. Toggles for sleep bonus, move restrictions, damage, stamina, thirst and hunger.

[U]Pacifist Mod
Let’s players craft things like pelts and such without killing stuff.

wurm enchanted grass check more wurm enchanted grass
Can set how many deeds a player can have and max deed size.

[U]Inactive Players
Logs players who are inactive for a configurable amount of time, shows how long they played, how long they’ve been inactive and what deeds they are mayor of.

[U]Karma Actions
Rewards karma for making graves and burying creatures
wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass

[P]Location Mod
Let’s players see their coordinates by typeing /location

[U]Accelerated Forestry and Gardening
Gives the players various ways to accelerate the growth of plants.

wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
[U]Tabard Mod
Allows players to craft all the kingdom tabards regardless of their chosen kingdom.

[U]Add Kingdom Items
Enables the creation of kingdom wagons, banners, and flags not normally able to be crafted.

[U]More Potables
Allows players to plant anything inside of a pot.
wurm enchanted grass informational wurm enchanted grass

[U]Discord Relay
Discord and Kingdom chats are linked. Probably exploitable by spyfags

Craftable portals?

wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass
[U]Creatures Mod
Adds quite a few new animals.
Here is another thread with some fixes for creatures mod, although I’m not sure if it’s needed.

[U]Survival Mod
Players can now freeze to death and contract waterborne diseases.

wurm enchanted grass best of wurm enchanted grass
[U]Drake Mount Mod
I can’t believe this is a thing

[U]Cave Dwellings Tweaks
Let’s players build cave houses off deed.

[U]Treasure Hunting
Players can find treasure maps by digging, flattening, leveling, tunneling, fishing or hunting.
wurm enchanted grass wurm enchanted grass
wurm enchanted grass

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