Xenoblade X Sightseeing Spots

xenoblade x sightseeing spots
Xenoblade Chronicles X Quest and General Help

PRIMA guide item location images: http://imgur.com/a/azC2W alternative better quality http://imgur.com/a/YGvlR

Since everybody fucking hates these quests I’m going to try and log them all, I’m only missing one thing in Primordia and am almost done with Noctilum too, but it will take a while to go and refind the exact regions for things. I’ll be focusing on the quest items first, if you have item locations please message them to help out if you would. I’ve added some general problm stuff people seem to have trouble with, and am going to start working on enemy locations and some of the not as obvious probe locations as well. Game is too fun, probably will take forever.

THE PRIMA GUIDE is a little obtuse. Some of the items seem to found during morning instead of early morning, and they dont always require rain. Several have said it’s early morning or rain, but then some can be found during morning too. After more testing in various areas if you’re having trouble finding something with the early morning/rain tag, i suggest trying night or late night. If I say something can be found during a time period, that doesn’t mean that’s the only time you can find, that just means that’s the only time I’ve tested. You may be able to find them at other times.

x x FAQ x x —> http://pastebin.com/PVeQ2R1E alternative with more info
(or you can just hit start and read your fucking manual. Or go to https://cdn02.nintendo-europe.com/media/downloads/games_8/emanuals/wii_u_6/xenoblade_chronicles_x/ElectronicManual_WiiU_XenobladeChroniclesX_EN.pdf
xenoblade x sightseeing spots xenoblade x sightseeing spots

—- When do I get my skell/doll/mech/robot?
After chapter 6 you get a quest for it.

—- Can/how do I fast travel?
On the gamepad mad, look for the hexes with little orange squards. Tap them and then at the bottom left an orange bar will pop up, tap it to fast travel.

—- The weather keeps killing me!
There’s later skills which can make you immune to weather, for earlier exploring a lot of the casual wear will have skills called Weathereffect Screen, where weathereffect will be thunderstorm or em storm. Or something along those lines.

xenoblade x sightseeing spots xenoblade x sightseeing spots
—- How do my probes work?
You put down a probe at the big pillar of light, and then it’ll mine a small amount of revenue, your money, and miranium, the ore you use for upgrading AM’s and some quests. Changing to a mining probe will mine more miranium at the cost of revenue, and the opposite for research probes. Research probes also get a boost of 2000 revenue for every sightseeing point you have discovered in the nearby hexes. Every probe area has a letter grade for its output, varying from F to A, with A being best. A rank Revenue areas can net you a lot of cash, and they tend to have sightseeing spots as well. Areas with poor grades all around tend to be the best spots to put things like storage probes and booster probes. Duplicator probes, if placed in the right spot, can easily net you insane amounts of credits as they copy all the probes adjacent to them. If you can set one up near a cluster of research probes and add a booster to it it’s a very easy way to clear the revenue requirements some missions need for you. Chaining probes together nets you a ten percent bonus to production for each probe in the chain, so you want to put as many of type together as you can. You get more probes by opening the treasures scattered around Mira. You can not buy new probes, but probes are not consumed, just placed, so you can remove and alter them freely and you won’t run out. When you look at an area with a probe, it will mention resources present. A mining probe placed here will give you those resources periodically, you need these to advance in some quests, and they function as crafting materials. Probes provide revenue and resources based on time, you periodically get whatever amount your map tells you. If you go into the probe view by clicking on the big green square at the top right of the gamepad until it shows the probes and their links, you can see how much you get. This is also where you can see where probes link to each other.

—- Why do I keep getting popups to hit L + A?
Hitting L and A basically likes people’s miiverse posts. Just ignore them, its very rare for there to be anything of worth in the chat for your squad. The little page icon on your gamepad mutes them, its the second box on the right side column.

—- What Division/Squad should I pick?
You can change them freely, so it’s not too important. You might get 50 xp for planting a probe in Pathfinder, but you get 5 xp for every collectible you pick up if you’re in curators instead of 1 like normal, so you’ll be getting a lot more experience there. Curators and Harriers are easy to level, and the curator bonus is applicable to any class. The squad you pick means little, you can change it any time and you repick every time you start the game. Generally you won’t be involved in any squad things anyway, so it matters even less early on.

—- How do I play online with other people?
xenoblade x sightseeing spots best of xenoblade x sightseeing spots
The barracks has an area where a large number of player characters hang out with a terminal, from there you can accept squad missions. They’re rare to be there since few people bother with them early on. You can hire their characters, but they only stay with you for an hour, though you do get tickets and xp for advancing them. Your character can also be hired if you register them at the terminal, which will let other people hire you. It’s best to use npc followers though, as each npc has two affinity missions which will each give you an art to use.

—- How do I equip fashion gear?
Hit x on the character you want to equip it on when you’re selecting them in the ground gear section. This is unlocked from the start on the English release

—- How do I change my character’s looks?
After chapter five there will be a mission called house of cards to complete, you need to find a keycard in the lower administrative area, see below. Complete it in the afternoon. To get house of cards you have to have completed the mission in the outfitters test hanger for Yordley, who also gives you house of cards. Then meet him below the administrative district during late night, as in swim in the water below the admin district to a little recessed area, to finish the quest and unlock look changing. You can only change your look at late night, it does not cost anything despite what Yordley told you

—-Which BLADE skill is most important?
xenoblade x sightseeing spots best of xenoblade x sightseeing spots
Mechanical, since you need it to put down probes. The other two are pretty even on treasure, so level as you please, they all get maxed out.

—-If the max BLADE level is 10, how do I get all three skills to 5?
You only level a skill to 4, so you only need the levels they give you. After reaching four you get missions at the control board called off the record, these missions will level you up to five upon completion. A quick guide to these missions can be found lower in the quest section.

—-I either read the manual about Overdrive or noticed something happens when I use different arts in succession, what is that?
Using different arts in combination during overdrive will give different results. A handy pastebin with the combos can be found here http://pastebin.com/EBVw7tGB

xx Primordia Items
xenoblade x sightseeing spots best of xenoblade x sightseeing spots

—- California Sunset

If you fast travel to FN Site 112, the hex to the left of it should have a large lake. Follow the north edge of the lake, dodging the high level Grex. Underneath the large overhang there is a cave entrance, it’s tricky to sneak by the Grex at the entrance but if you hug the wall to the right you can time it when he turns around. It can take a while. After the first one at the mouth it’s mostly safe, inside the cave is where you can find several collectibles, including the Sunset. The left side of the large cave area seems to be the safest, there’s an area around the level 2 archaeological site that has five which will respawn. Somewhat common, won’t take too long.

—- Sanelac Pearls

In the same area as California Sunset, but much rarer. Will take a while to get.

—- Zizi Rabbit
xenoblade x sightseeing spots informational xenoblade x sightseeing spots
Fast travel to FN Site 103, which is far to the west, near Noctilum, you can find Zizi Rabbits there. It’s a low level area and easy to do, though getting to FN Site 103 can be hard as you have to sneak through some higher level areas. Not too rare

—- Kiran Catnip
Also at FN Site 103

—- Anhydrous Radiator
South of FN Site 103

—- Amacion Orewood
Found in the starting area, around Shadow Rise, west of Primordia. Can be found in the morning, does not need to be raining. Can also be found at night
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—- Acorn Abacus
Found in the far north areas along the beach. Fast travel to FN Site 113 and go south along the beach, you can find them there.

—- Crush Ring
Difficult but not impossible to get before obtaining a skell. Can be found in north primordia, in a fairly small area. You have to be on top of the little island areas there, you can not be on the beach. The island with the long land bridge leading to it with the giant bird creatures above site 113, and the areas leading up to the land bridge around site 111. Can be found at night and late night, does not need to be raining. not too rare. many high level enemies

Noctilum Items
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—- EM Motor
Can be found in the corridor north of Weeping Whitewood, which is on the west edge of the upper part of the island, to the west of FN Site 115 and to the north of FN Site 218. Filled with high level enemies, so dodge well.

—- Harnenga Cotton
Can be found at FN Site 203 and nearby hexes at late night, does not need to be raining. Site 203 is along the western side of the northern island.

—- h19 Ion Thruster
Same area as the above cotton, common item, all hours

xenoblade x sightseeing spots informational xenoblade x sightseeing spots

Oblivia items

—- Cruise deflector Air
Found around the giant crevasse, fairly common

—- Beagflea Squashes
can be found in and around the water area at the top of the large waterfall to the northeast of the map, between Site 311 and 316. Can be found at night and late night, does not need to be raining. very rare

xx Quest Items
xenoblade x sightseeing spots xenoblade x sightseeing spots

—-Repair Job (Lin)
– Tentacles for Lin
You can find the tentacles you need for lin’s affinity quest in the barracks, go into the room with all the other player’s characters and use the terminal, choose to spend your tickets and the item will be there.
– White cometite
This is a resource you get from mining probes, see the probe FAQ.

—- House of Cards
The Keycard for house of cards is on the lower level of the administrative district, between the west wall of the hangar and a greenish container. see changing character appearance

xenoblade x sightseeing spots informational xenoblade x sightseeing spots

xx Off The Record Guide (AKA how to get to BLADE skill 5)
(Copy pasted from guide, may not be perfect, will test eventually)


xenoblade x sightseeing spots xenoblade x sightseeing spots
“Soar deep into the skies and seek the forgotten land’s ultimate peak.”
Discover Mount Edge Peak, the highest point in Oblivia aside from the Floating Reef. Naturally, you’ll need a Skell with the flight module installed for this.
“After dawn o’er land of white, a rare red foe appears to smite.”
Defeat Lyla’s Galdr, a rare tyrant that appears east of Lake Ciel in Sylvalum between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. It will appear beneath the Noctilucent Sphere and fly north to a cliff, where it will wait until disappearing at 7:00.
“Etchings of ancient beasts to find? Seek a stony shore in fired climes.”
Collect savage sketches, a rare collectible found on the eastern cliffs of Cauldros.
“In suburban glory in a setting sun, the afflicted tell of what’s to come.”
Talk to Solan in the Residential District in the evening, in an alley in Ishmael Hills.

—- Biological
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“Take this elevated corn to hand, atop the peaks of a delusional land.”
Collect pale maize, a rare collectible from the top of the Delusian Mountains in Sylvalum.
“Atop the forest’s eternal cascade, a bitter baron awaits the blade.”
Defeat several acid diluses, located on the west side at the top of Everwhelm Falls in Noctilum.
“Above an early land do hover, courting birds whose seal you covet.”
Collect auravis courtship feathers from auravises in Primordia or Oblivia.
“Where ordnance takes first breath, collect your spoils after sunset.”
Talk to Solan in the Outfitters Test Hangar at night.

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—- Archaeological

“In the court of the forest gods, a brood of sentinels here do flock.”
Discover the Sentinel’s Nest location, located on the east side of the Divine Roost in Noctilum.
“Across the table where titans feast hides an insect you must defeat.”
Defeat Calore, the Lava Walker. This tyrant hides in the lava outside of the Infernal Ledges cave in Cauldros, northwest of Titan’s Table.
“If you seek a pure white shell, to the east does it now dwell.”
Collect white forfex shells from land forfexes or others in Oblivia.
“In fields of green in New LA, ask in the morning to find the way.”
Talk to Solan near Deliverance Park (Residential District) in the morning.
xenoblade x sightseeing spots xenoblade x sightseeing spots
xenoblade x sightseeing spots

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