Zelda Mst

zelda mst
nimpize mst route

bottle, rupees
shield, stick
lw, 20r chest
gc, bombs, 20r chest
kak, hover over gate
castle, 20r from shooting poster near shop
gs 1 on the wall to the right after climbing the ladder
zelda, 20r from shooting mario paintings, ocarina, zl cs skip + sw
zelda mst informational zelda mst

hylian shield

catch fish
holy fire skip/early ms
exit crystal shrine
zelda mst informational zelda mst
gs 2 on snow path behind silver rock
zd, gs 3 on upper thing
lost woods, weirdshot to other section of lost woods
to forbidden woods
water temple
ledge clip to lower water
go to ice part (farm bombs from spikes)
ledge clip below ice, enter central tower from bottom
up to hover boots
zelda mst zelda mst

to kokiri forest
*if you havent gotten any nut drops yet, get nuts from sarias house*
gs 4 longshotting the gs near the top
231 skip
beat deku
gs 5 above kokiri entrance
kill skull kid for rupees
zelda mst best of zelda mst
gs 6 in water
take sfm warp to kak

gs 7 on hill near bazaar
gs 8 on bazaar roof
gs 9 from box
gs 10 from hill near gs house
twilight temple, superslide to key (counts as water temple key)
zelda mst zelda mst
to shop, buy boomerang
back to sfm, kill a skull kid for 200r
back to kak, buy bomb bag upgrade
get caught
the pit

get ib
colossus, spirit
zelda mst informational zelda mst
longshot to bow
enter on hand with the hp, set fw

to lw
weirdshot over to area with lz for nayrus tears

kill skull kid for another 200r
cs skip with fish in main room
zelda mst zelda mst
weirdshot to key
left courtyard
well, hit the underwater switch
back to main room, fire arrows
damage down on skulltula on left side of main room
bk skip, beat forest

take warp from nayrus tears to zr
equip swap slingshot to hit switches
zelda mst best of zelda mst
mirror shield
fw to spirit

set fw in the room with 2 gerudo guards
down to main room, hover over/epg past gate
beat spirit
fw back to guarudo guards, get thrown back to the pit
hf, graveyard

zelda mst zelda mst
enter closest grave into shadow
torch clip, leave and reenter from hall of the dead
rang key at the bottom of the water
bomb chest in room before dead hand
dead hands room, boat key skip

to kak
catch fairy in fountain in real bottle and ocarina bottle (no longer need fish)
buy bomb bag again for bomb refill
sfm, kokiri, lw, forbidden woods, water temple
zelda mst check more zelda mst
set fw in room before boss room, bk skip
beat water
fw back, reenter boss room
back to blue warp, jabu
death + fairy (equip swapped over fw) to skip tentacle
ww to dc (1 equip swapped fairy and then fairy in ocarina bottle)

beat dc with ground jump
zelda mst zelda mst
superslide to fire entrance

keys in lower 2 rooms
big lava room
key in upper left room
fire shaft room, key on the left, get bombs from box (will probably need a fairy equip swap here)
to boulder maze
box on switch
hammer in upper room
zelda mst best of zelda mst

bk skip

light arrows
to ganons castle
zelda mst informational zelda mst


viable gold skulltulas

1 zd start
2 dmt wall
3 castle before zelda
4 crystal shrine
5 outside crystal shrine behind silver rock
zelda mst informational zelda mst
6 outside crystal shrine high ledge
7 zd hookshot
8 gc
9 dmt upper trail
10 lower dmt high wall
11 kak box
12 smf water
13 kokiri above entrance
14 deku longshot
15 deku basement
zelda mst best of zelda mst
16 kak near bazaar longshot
17 kak hill near gs house


other ideas

can get fire arrows w/o bow with qpa (also quiver upgrade in forest, but its really dumb) which would allow 1 trip to spirit, but the extra hovering seems slow

could do 1080 and set fw in ganons tower before lacs, then after lacs go to crystal shrine and warp back. issues with setting dc entrance cs for right cs pointer.
zelda mst best of zelda mst

currently need to equip swap fairy multiple times due to heat in fire temple/fire trial, both an issue for the above idea because it deletes fw, and also makes the viability of medallion cutscene skips questionable
zelda mst

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